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Comment Re:quicksort better than OOP? (Score 1) 598

So what you like are objects, not necessarily OOP (by whatever definition). Objects, used appropriately, can be useful. They're no panacea, of course, and their should be little doubt that they're misused more often than not.

makes it easy to learn about modularity.

I can't possibly disagree more here. OOP (in the Liskov sense) is anti-modular by its very nature. Languages like Java and C# make it much more difficult for beginners to learn about modularity as a result.

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 598

I thought this was supposed to be uncontroversial?

Classes? You can't be serious! Logic? If slashdot is any indication, most programmers couldn't pass an undergrad course in logic. Sure, you'll need an incredibly tiny subset of logic, but it's not a topic that needs special consideration. Most beginners work out the basics themselves without assistance. They certainly don't need a through understanding of the subject like a philosopher. I could go on ...

A better (much shorter) list of fundamentals:

- Data - variables, types, and structures (Just the basics, of course.)
- Flow control (iteration, branching)

That's it, really. (I may have even gone too far!) I can't really add anything else without stepping in to controversial territory.

Useful is a different matter, naturally, and we could add quite a bit more to the list. Though I doubt that it would be nearly as long as yours without becoming controversial.

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