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Comment Re:Avoid Frameworks. (Score 1) 536

Yes. We took the time to learn the language first. We understand things like closures and anonymous functions and understand the value of prototype-based programming. We know how dynamic typing works because we're not morons. We know how 'this' works and understand that the language would be completely broken if it worked like you think it should.

Yeah, I'd call that a 'different mental space' from yours.

It has flaws, sure, but so does every other language. It's also an incredibly clever and well-designed language. You're obligated to learn it first, of course. I know the syntax looks familiar, but it's not Java or C.

Comment Re:JavaScript Sucks, Rant [Re:Node.js] (Score 1) 536

Oh, and literals starting with "0" are interpreted as octal.

It's funny. I was actually quite grateful for this feature -- it came in quite handy on a personal project years ago.

I wouldn't be so quick to count it as a design flaw as lots of languages work that way. C/C++/Java/Python2/Ruby ... it's quite common.

Comment Re:Perl still works, and PHP is fine (Score 1) 536

A couple points:

"class = function = object"

This is wrong. There are no classes. Yes, they are being introduced in ES6 -- which is sure to be remembered as the biggest mistake ever made, despite the fact that they're essentially sugar. Pretending to be 'like java' with constructor functions and new was obviously a huge mistake. Why double-down?

(To everyone else reading) They're quite controversial. Not only are they unnecessary, but they introduce unnecessary complexity -- with no obvious benefit to compensate. It's pretty well established that prototypal OO is superior to classical OO in every way. It's simpler, requiring users to understand fewer concepts and yet it's still far more 'powerful'. On 'powerful' I'll direct you elsewhere as I'm not interested in arguing this point with the kool-aid drinking OO zealots. Search for something like 'prototypes vs classes'. If you have it, put your ACM DL subscription to good use.

(While I'm complaining. Arrows? => Way to introduce inconsistency, ECMA! )

although most of "anyone" will probably write you a horrible kludgy mess instead

I'd say that this is true for every language. Never judge the quality of a language by the quality of the code you inherit. No language can encourage developers to write 'good' or 'bad' code.

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