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Comment Re:Not a market back then (Score 1) 272

Sales of a touch-only device vs a device that demands a pointer device for a bunch of stuff is not evidence?

Obviously not. I guess you're in that bottom 0.5%.

Yet, you have no evidence of your assertion other than "I like using one".

All I did was agree with Bill. You're the one making specific claims here.

Do people want to use them as a primary input method?

Move that goal post!

Comment Re:Not a market back then (Score 1) 272

So, no? I didn't think so.

Nice try with "sales" though, I'm sure that'll sucker in the bottom 0.5%. I'll let you work out why everyone else knows it's laughably absurd.

Moving on, what's your problem with the stylus? It's very useful and greatly enhances the utility of tablets. Think of all the things you could do with your tablet that you cannot reasonably do now.

Now, you might not find it terribly useful. That's okay. The rest of us want to do more with our tablets than just play video games.

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