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Comment Re:Flaw? (Score 2) 152

Also, I will no longer test the software I develop with their browser. In this way, I will contribute to making Firefox deliver a substandard user experience to those who do choose to support them.

How consistent are you?

Do you use Google Chrome? Google openly supports gay marriage, so you must not test your code in their browser either, right? So does Microsoft, so IE is right out.

Ah, you must be a Safari user! Oh, wait. Apple also openly supports gay marriage. I guess that can't be it.

So... with what browser DO you test your software? Are you the last HotJava user? That would be pretty wild.

Comment Re:Good? (Score 4, Insightful) 292

That's right, Max, there's nothing big left to discover. It's better that you don't study physics. We've got it pretty much all sorted.

It's not like you'll revolutionize everything and get a unit named after you or something.

(More seriously: Doesn't the author understand science? That's not how it works.)

Comment Re:I for my part ... (Score 1) 469

my point was: even with perfect hearing (regardless how you want to define it) it is not guaranteed that a violinist can manage to distinguish a superb violine from a normal one.

Again, no one was suggesting that it was sufficient. However, it's difficult to argue that it wouldn't be an asset!

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