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Comment Re:Stop using JavaScript! (Score 1) 1482

There's nothing wrong with 'this'. Why do people keep bringing 'this' up? What do you think is wrong with it? It works exactly like you would expect it to work.

Perhaps if you took a few minutes to learn even a little bit about the language, you wouldn't have so much trouble with it.

Sure, it has a few warts, like every language ever made. It's astonishingly well-designed and remarkably capable. If you think that Javascript isn't a good language you are 100% mistaken. Some people may complain about it but those people would complain about anything - simply because they haven't spend time to understand the language doesn't mean the language is a problem after all.

Comment Re:Projections (Score 0) 987

There is a large body of data and evidence contained in a vast number of published papers and reports. If you are incapable of reading them, that's your problem.

Oh, so you've read them and you're capable of understanding their content?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Keep on trollin'

Comment Re:Funny (Score 2) 205

Yeah, it is "oooh so innovative". There's a reason why everyone raved about the quality of their keyboards, you know.

Ever try to type, well, anything on a Motorola Droid Pro or Palm Pre? There's obviously a lot more here than just "shaped keys".

Comment Re:Programming is hard... (Score 1) 391

Ugh, more ridiculous elitism. Programming is easy. So easy, in fact, that children can and do often teach themselves. (I have a neat collection of programming books from the 70's and 80's aimed at children between the ages of 6-12. Yeah, books written to help 6-year-old kids learn computer programming. Think about that.)

The real problem is elitists who seem to think programming should be difficult -- and made as difficult as possible. I can only assume it's an attempt to make themselves feel more important. Why do you think we use programming languages in the first place? To make writing and maintaining computer programs easier!

Sorry, writing software does not make you a scientist, mathematician, or whatever you fancy yourself. Software development is somewhere between auto repair and plumbing; it requires some technical knowledge and a bit of skill, but there isn't enough to it to require a license.

"Oh but it's difficult to do well!" cry the desperate and insecure. We can revisit that when "well" it's even potentially quantifiable. Until then, it's just pathetic empty rhetoric.

Comment Re:Separation of Concerns (Score 1) 391

Part of the problem is this bizarre bottom-up design trend. A lot of the weird "designs", ad-hoc frameworks, and the like that you're seeing are a direct result of that incomprehensibly bad approach. Typical OOP practices tend to encourage this absurd behavior.

Chuck Moore is very likely the only person on the planet who can design that way effectively.

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