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Comment Re:God (Score 0) 794

I'm willing to bet that there has never been a time in recorded human history when every person believed in a god or gods. That means in no point in recorded human history has god shown himself to all humanity, beyond any reasonable doubt.

How about that. Even atheists can be laughably irrational.

Comment Re:Yes, you can submit a Codea app to the app stor (Score 1) 333

Can you morons PLEASE STFU up now about people not creating anything on mobile devices?

I can write a book with a telegraph key as well. That doesn't make it as good as a word processor.

If that's not to your liking, try this: I can finger-paint on my tablet yet Adobe is not concerned about losing my future business.

Comment Re:robotic slave worshippers (Score 1) 176

See how ridiculous you look? From top to bottom: 1) Not a non sequitur. 2) Not in context. 3) Not even wrong. (This post would get very long if I tried to explain why just the second half of that is wrong, let alone all of it.) 4) Not a non sequitur. 5) Not a logical fallacy. 6) Not an ad hominem. (Really. Look it up.) 7) Not a non sequitur (Do you even know what that term means?) 8) Not an ad hominem (Hint: it doesn't mean "insult") 9) Not in context.

Please don't bother responding to this post.

Yeah, someone might discover how laughably incompetent you truly are. I replied anyway, just because you put so much effort in to that silly nonsense. You earned a good shaming.

I can recommend a few textbooks for you, if you're actually interested in learning about logic. I suspect, however, that you're more interested in shouting "logical fallacy" incompetently on the internet to make yourself feel important.

Comment Re:"theological" - irrational, stupid, arbitrary (Score 1) 176

I see that you don't understand, well, anything at all about philosophy. I can safely assume, then, that you also have no understanding of basic science.

Go ahead and work on that. Don't bother posting when you figure it out -- there's no need to humiliate yourself further.

Comment Re:robotic slave worshippers (Score 2) 176

Isn't it funny how people who makes lists of "logical fallacies" never take the time to point them out?

I don't blame them. They'd look very foolish if they tried! See, it turns out that those folks usually have no formal training in logic and are just repeating nonsense they read on a blog.

To quote ... er ... you: "Do you understand how hard you make it for yourself to be taken seriously? If you want to tell people about what is true and what is false, you have to follow the rules that allow you to determine what is true and false."

So, go ahead. Give it a go. I'll wait.

Comment Re:robotic slave worshippers (Score 1) 176

I read that too. I wouldn't honor it with a place on my shelf. It's ... not that great. It's a mix of bad philosophy and simple-minded theology written by a guy who, quite clearly, has little to no understanding of either.

The only purpose that collection of mad scribblings serves, as far as I can see, is to extract money from poorly educated atheists of below-average intelligence.

Comment Re:Sync was so bad.... (Score 2) 314

I fought with their stupid Playbook tablet and I have watched people fight with their stupid new QNX phones. I know people who are long term BB customers (often via work) who deeply resent the latest models.

Odd, my experience has been completely different. My wife loves her PlayBook and Z10. Everyone I've shown either device to has been impressed. The slick UI, solid hardware, and fantastic dev tools ... I don't know what anyone could possibly complain about!

But oddly enough the main reason that I think that QNX is a complete bowl of stupid is that I have known exactly one programmer who loved QNX and he was a useless tool.

Consensus on Slashdot is meaningless, I know, but the sentiment here is quite clear: QNX is an excellent OS. What, specifically, do you dislike about it?

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