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Comment Anthropic doom (Score 1) 686

A given intelligent being is most likely to be alive during the most populous times of the species. My existence here and now thus suggests were are near the maximum and it's down-hill from here, I'm afraid to say.

Comment Re:What alien would think to look here? (Score 1) 686

or almost all the civilizations the aliens know about formed around red dwarf stars. It's nice and stable there for very long periods of time.

Red dwarfs tend to spew a lot of radiation in their habitable zone, and probably tidally-lock the planets there also. However, it's hard to say if non-microscopic life can work around those obstacles.

Comment Re:War of government against people? (Score 1) 875

The issue there seems to be the failure of the police to act, or perhaps your weak laws on squatting. You could take matters into your own hands, but presumably the squatters are thinking the same thing and in your example already have a gun pointed at you. So assuming you carry yours all the time you had better hope you can draw faster than they can pull the trigger.

Comment Re:Get rid of NASA (Score 1) 155

The US launched a captured V-2 into space (but not orbit) in 1946 with a camera. Perhaps there were USAF-built rocket space missions after these V-2 experiments, but I am not aware of any until the "Sputnik scare" pushed military rockets into space use for a brief time until NASA took that over.


Theater Chain Bans Google Glass 376

mpicpp sends this report from Ars: A cinema chain announced Tuesday that it is now barring patrons from wearing Google Glass at its movie houses across the U.S. in a bid to clamp down on piracy. Alamo Drafthouse, which runs theaters in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Virginia, and soon in California, is among the first U.S. chains to ban Google's computerized eyewear. 'Google Glass is officially banned from @drafthouse auditoriums once lights dim for trailers,' the chain's chief executive, Tim League, tweeted. The decision comes as Google has made the eyewear readily available to the general public, and it follows a slew of incidents in which wearers of Google Glass have had brushes with the law.

Comment Re:Get rid of NASA (Score 1) 155

I generally meant space missions. Perhaps they made great rockets, but there is more to space exploration than rockets. Military projects usually get deeper pockets than civilian projects, I would note. Civilian programs tend to get more scrutiny, in part because the military understandably has to keep most things secret, and second because Republicans are more critical of civilian projects than military ones for some reason.

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