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Comment Re:then stop hijacking phrases from other industri (Score 1) 275

I have no problem with requiring software developers to be licensed. However, it would probably double initial development costs at least, partly because there would need to be more review and verification, and partly because developers would have to go through the certification process, making them fewer and more expensive to hire/rent, especially for niche languages and tools.

Comment Re:I liberated myself from iPhone (Score 1) 260

I did get a different phone, but clearly there are lots of people who want an iPhone but also don't want to get screwed (no pun intended) by the screws and battery. That's why eBay has thousands and thousands of listings for screwdrivers, replacement batteries and pry-bars for opening Apple products.

There is also the general principal that people should not be obstructed from opening and repairing hardware that they own. Since the DMCA came in you guys in the US don't really own half the stuff you buy, but that is not the case in the EU.

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jackb_guppy writes: Slashdot today has been unusable by stupid java tricks that keep refreshing the home page very 20 seconds.

In other news the NAS is reading this post!

Comment Re:I liberated myself from iPhone (Score 1) 260

You are missing the point. Apple discourage you from opening their devices. They won't sell you the right set of screwdrivers, you have to buy them on eBay. They will charge you an outrageous sum of money to replace the battery.

Contrast that with most phones where the back pops off without screws and the battery is effortless to replace. They don't charge you to replace it because it's so trivial to do yourself, or they will do it for you for free in the shop.

If you drop the phone in liquid, an apparently quite common accident, you need to get the battery out ASAP if you want to save it. With most phones that's easy, with an iPhone you need to rush home and find the screwdriver you ordered off eBay that doesn't fit anything else. Assuming you ordered one, of course.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 275

Agreed 100%.

Web "developers": re-solving the same problems that the programmers writing native apps (programs) solved 20 years ago!

We traded small, efficient, type safety (languages with a proper compiler) for a badly-designed toy language (Javascript, I'm sorry, "ECMAScript") that requires requires hacks such as strings ("use strict";) and uses megabytes for the run time.

Javascript is the "Basic" of Web. Let's toss out all the lessons we learnt from good language design and re-implement all the mistakes! Sadly too many web "developers" never read nor understand Douglas Crockford's "Javascript: The Good Parts" -- understanding what actually ARE the good parts, and what are the garbage parts.

Comment I wasn't talking about volcano emissions. (Score 0, Troll) 229

Five minutes of reading about volcanic gas emisions and sun spots should convince you that your claims are false....

Except I wasn't talking about gas emissions from volcanoes.

I was talking about the basic frequency of volcanic and geologic activity. Let's just say "Earthquakes" so we can stay clear of preconceptions.

Earthquake frequency is steadily rising, and this, among the other non-emission related items indicated, are tightly linked to the climate change events we are experiencing today.

People are clinging to the belief that climate change MUST be our fault, and therefore is also within our power to fix.

It isn't.

As for reading about sun spots. . , I suggest you do some.

Comment Re:Done us all a favor (Score 2, Informative) 629

The European concept of freedom of expression thus prohibits certain content and viewpoints, whereas, with certain exceptions, the American concept is generally concerned solely with direct incitement likely to result in overt acts of lawlessness.

The author misunderstands the European situation. Our laws are supposed to be the same as the US ones, i.e. they prevent incitement likely to result in overt acts of lawlessness. We just place the bar for that differently, IMHO too low, but the intention is the same.

Some states go further than required by EU, which complicates the situation and leads to the kind of misunderstanding that we see here. The author confuses the two. We are not like the US, we don't have federal laws. The EU can create directives which it is then up to each state to implement, and with implementation varying somewhat. We also have the European Court of Human Rights, which is not part of the EU but which all member states are signed up to. It deals with freedom of speech but is not governed by the EU directly.

To take the specific example of "defamation of religions", blasphemy is no longer a crime in the UK and you can insult Mohammed freely. We are moving towards greater freedom to criticize religion, not less.

Comment Re:Done us all a favor (Score 5, Insightful) 629

Depends on your definition of freedom. In those countries you could argue that children are free from religion imposed on them by their parents while they are at school, that women are free from the oppression of being forced to cover their faces, and that people are mostly free from the threat of violence so don't need to train themselves to kill and carry weapons.

Even banning holocaust denial could be argued to be similar to banning people shouting "fire" in a packed theatre. Both can lead to disastrous consequences.

Europe has a different idea of what freedom is. The US does not have a monopoly on the definition.

Comment Re:Is it the 1st of April yet? (Score 2) 129

I wonder if it will let you list music, software, movies and other intellectual property? These days you don't usually own it, you simply have a license to use it under very limited circumstances. Claiming ownership could be considered copyright infringement or "theft" if you are the RIAA/MPAA.

Comment Re:thoughtful, eh? (Score 1) 436

I might point out that since in fact, the safety of the nuclear industry is exlemplary by any reasonable standard -- like deaths/kilowatt

Deaths/kilowatt(hour) is cherry picked because it ignores two crucial factors while making nuclear look good compared to coal and gas:

1. Most of the problems have not been deaths, but harm to health and financial losses.

2. The cost of this level of safety has been astronomical, especially when compared to the relative inherent safety of other technologies.

Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 1) 436

If everyone globally uses the same (similar) amount, which is reasonable

It's not reasonable, the US is extremely inefficient. Germand and Japanese people use about 1/3th the energy that the average US citizen does, and yet they are not freezing cold in the winter or wondering around in the dark every night.

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