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Comment Re:Future Generations (Score 2) 44

I tried to get into PoP but it was kind frustrating. I think a lot of games from that era were very hard and needed a lot of effort putting into them. Of course back then we were kids and had the time to play then over and over.

In that sense early games are often more instantly gratifying and more suited to short sessions. PoP is from the middle era of gaming when home computers ruled and long games were popular, but you really had to have played the game at the time or put in a lot of effort now to really enjoy them today.

Comment Re:Do what you can (Score 1) 171

If they are anything like Facebook then deactivation is meaningless. Facebook keeps all your personal data and history on file. Changing your details doesn't help, they keep a full history of every name you ever used, every date of birth, every status update. When the site finally goes under and they sell off your data that info will be in there.

Apple needed an engineer to go in and manually delete most of my account. I imagine the situation here will be the same; someone has to remove all the historical data etc. by hand. It creates work for a free to use site and the danger of breaking something is high, so they will be very reluctant to do it.

Comment Re:call them (Score 4, Interesting) 171

Be prepared to spend a long time on the phone though, and even then they often won't really delete your account. I tried this with Apple recently as I had an ancient account from back when I had an early iPod a decade ago. It took half an hour on the phone, I had to listen to endless dire warnings about losing all the data on "my" iCloud account that they made for me without my knowledge or ever agreeing to the terms and conditions. Endless stuff about how all my iTunes purchases with DRM would commit suicide (I never made any) and how all my devices would stop working (battery died years ago, can't be bothered to pry the thing open to replace it, if you can even buy 3rd gen iPod batteries any more).

After all that they finally agreed to delete the account, but added that I would never be able to sign up with the same email address again... So they were not really deleting it. My personal details are still on file somewhere. In the new year I'm going to write to them to demand they expunge everything.

Long story short, we need that EU right to be forgotten and some strong enforcement.

Comment Re:Same rules apply (Score 1) 303

You can get some insane but legitimate deals this way. For example home insurance with a discount code, new customer bonus, no claims bonus, cash back website and cash back credit card was about 95% discounted one year (£20). Occasionally Tesco pay you to take stuff away with their point card system. It happens.

Comment Re:cultural aggression (Score 1) 380

That has little to do with American culture though. It's just the newspapers got more aggressive as TV news and the internet made them largely redundant for reporting actual news. They switched to opinion and more specifically in the case of most of the hatred and anger inducing stories. The unemployed are an easy target because there is an endless supply of inarticulate and poorly educated people to focus on and rail against. Of course they attack other weak targets like the disabled and immigrants, but the unemployed are particularly attractive as an object of hate.

Comment Re:First Shot (Score 1) 380

It would be more like the Chinese invade to overthrow the corrupt US government and install a Chinese style democracy. The US citizens welcome them as liberators and all is well again.

EA kinda did it with one of the C&C games (Red Alert 2?). You could play as the Chinese, blow up the Whitehouse etc.i liked that game.

Comment Re:So make the power reliable... (Score 1) 293

That might not help. SSDs do a lot of background processing. Flushing caches, moving things around, rewriting sectors that have not been touched for a while. There is no way for the SSD controller to know that power has failed so it will just carry on doing all that stuff, rather than an emergency shutdown.

Comment Re:Poor Apple. (Score 1) 235

I find it interesting that Apple doesn't sue Google over its phones. Okay, there is the suing by proxy with Rockstar, but nothing directly over the Nexus 5. It's a better phone than the iPhone 5 on most counts and half the price. Seems like they prefer to sue foreign companies in their local court, rather than risk a fight with Google.

Comment Re:Big pile 'o Nope (Score 1) 235

These sorts of comparisons are always flawed. Yeah, arguably the HP is worse I'm some ways, with the Mac you have to factor in getting gouged on accessories and peripherals, having limited upgrade options etc.

What it boils down to that if you want something built to your spec, something low cost, something flexible and upgradable you can buy or build a PC. Of what Apple is offering happens to suit you then it's a reasonable choice.

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