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Comment Re:When you don't want a reference (Score 4, Insightful) 892

Respect: It goes both ways.

Considering most companies:

a) have "Human Resources" (as if people are some resource to be exploited) instead of "Human Assets" where employees are viewed as an _investment_,
b) can fire your ass at a moment's notice (i.e. At-Will-Employment)
c) yet still expect the "common courtesy" of two weeks

Maybe companies should get over themselves and learn to treat their employees with equal respect instead of treating them like slaves and be dicks about not giving a reference.

Comment Re:Security issue may be flawed (Score 1) 180

NFC isn't supposed to have any security, any more than ethernet is. It's a transport protocol, low level. Security is on the layers above, typically at the application level.

The fact that the researchers don't understand this doesn't inspire confidence. The biggest application for NFC is secure payments, and the security isn't in the NFC part.

Comment Re:Perfectly valid (Score 1) 363

The script probably just queries the current battery level and logs it. If you are actively using the laptop it will add almost nothing to the load. There is no disk, it's an SSD as you go on to point out, and they don't idle at "full power" because that would be dumb and piss away energy. I don't think you understand how flash memory actually works.

Submission + - New GMail compose inspires user backlash 1

s13g3 writes: Yesterday, Google finally rolled out the "new compose" as a mandatory change to all users, eliminating the "old" compose option with no way to revert. The move has sparked such a significant amount of user backlash on Google's product forums that moderators are having to close hundreds of "I hate the new compose" threads as "duplicates" and are directing people to the main feedback thread, which is currently over 21 pages some 24 hours later. So far, there appears to be nothing in the way of a response or recognition from Google of the amount of hate the change has inspired, only an insistence that somehow the input of "Top Moderators" from their forums since October 2012 resulted in a number of "improvements" to the new compose in response, which supposedly makes it easier to use, but does nothing to address the laundry list of complaints and issues people have with it: simply put, no one likes the new compose, and significant numbers of users are threatening to abandon the service as a result of this forced change.

Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 151

Explain how "Consciousness evolved in much simpler animals" is "woo-woo" or "magical thinking".

It's a belief held without evidence. You might as well posit fairies and elves. There's just as much evidence for their existence as there is for the parents claim.

Everything else evolved from simpler animals, why not consciousness?

I never made any such claim. I didn't say that he was right or wrong, only that there was no evidence to support his wild speculation. You woo woo's don't seem to care about evidence, you just believe whatever makes you feel good. It's sad, really, seeing you live in a fantasy world.

Believing otherwise is as "woo woo" as it gets.

I see. You think that your evidence-free beliefs are unquestionably true and above scrutiny. Do you think Jesus told you or something? You woo woo's are lost cause!

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 151

2000 years ago dualists would have put disease, lightning and thunder under the 'not explained by physical reality and constructive math' category

2000 years ago, everyone else would have as well. What nonsense "point" are you failing to regurgitate?

The null hypothesis is not 'god did it'.

Where did this come from? It looks like a desperate attempt to drag god in to the conversation, or you're terribly confused about what "dualism" means and entails. Perhaps both?

Oh, I should probably point out that the parent was agreeing with you. In your rush to fight the enemies of reason (which you are, ironically) you've managed to attack an ally.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 151

When the complexity of the mechanism falls below a certain threshold, it makes sense that consciousness is not generated/emerged/attached/whatever anymore.

Sounds like magical thinking to me.

But you know this already:

current state of research: nobody has a clue

Fascinating research, and may be a first step into finding out what consciousness actually is

It's not a first step towards that at all. Not even a little bit.

Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 151

Consciousness evolved in much simpler animals (which to be sure have most specialized areas) but massive brain is not required.

Ugh. Why do you woo woo believers always jump to the first "conclusion" that makes you feel good? Why don't you base your beliefs on evidence instead? You'll find reality is more interesting that whatever magical nonsense you're going to promulgate next.

You're the most dangerous type of magical thinker -- you actually believe that there's science behind your wildly speculative beliefs.

Comment Re:Perfectly valid (Score 0) 363

To be fair it was worth the author doing it because now he has evidence to make a claim under warranty for replacement batteries. I agree though that more research is needed before we can see any kind of general trend with this model.

I wonder what replacement batteries Apple use for warranty stuff. Could be new, or could be refurbished. I know Lenovo do new ones but Dell do refurbs that usually only last just long enough to get out of the warranty period.

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