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Comment Re:Undoubtablyt the one who will kill the iPad (Score 1) 657

I am thinking of sites like Salesforce, Kashoo, Highrise, and many others, where they don't really have a good mobile site, but a tablet application is a very very useful thing to have. Always they implement for iOS first. It's obnoxious, even though I understand there are sound business reasons for it at the moment.

Comment Re:Undoubtablyt the one who will kill the iPad (Score 1) 657

I'd love to think you're right. However, what I think really gives Apple such an edge now is that EVERYONE makes apps for the iPad. And most of them make no apps for Android. There is a sort of network effect in play with the iPad. What amazes me as primarily an Android user is that iPad users often have to buy separate, more expensive versions of the same app for iPad even if they already have said app on their iPhone. What a ripoff.

Comment Re:This has been fixed (Score 1) 596

I understand that, but the issue is making it more difficult to do the cracking/downloading/installing than to buy legitimately. It has been discussed elsewhere in this thread, but it's just not worth trying to lock it down more for the people who can't/won't pay $1 for most apps. I just thought the license server DRM (vs. simply not allowing access to the APK files on the system) would go a long way toward improving the difficulty. Guess not. That said, the author of TFA is an asshat.

Comment Re:No problem here (Score 1) 663

My main problem with e16 is that all of the modern things like wifi and removable drive auto-mounting aren't really supported. I'm discovering (as I type this from i3) that some of these other spartan window managers don't have those things either. In my quest to try it anyway, I'm finding a number of utilities that are filling in OK, if not great, for the modern trimmings in Gnome and KDE. I'm fine with the command line, but I do find that some of those conveniences are worth a little extra bloat on modern machines.

Comment Damn you VZW (Score 1) 376

I recently moved to a rural area where VZW is the ONLY carrier providing service. Unfortunately I had to leave T-Mobile (which I loved) and come to the Dark Side. I always thought it was kind of silly that they charge so much extra for the wireless hotspot service. I guess probably enough people were tethering without that service that they decided to just roll it into their data fees and make it non-optional. I cannot wait until another carrier, any carrier other than VZW, offers service here.

Comment Not an ideal architecture for every application (Score 2) 206

I have an account on Watson, but I have not really used it. We were going to attempt to port our code to the BlueGene architecture, but it's a royal pain to code for and it doesn't scale well for some applications. Ours runs much better on fewer, faster CPUs with lots of RAM rather than many, slower CPUs with little RAM.

Comment Re:Lowball estimate? (Score 1) 72

I used to love those games when I was a teenager. I don't know if it's that I'm older and wiser, or the conversion to more realistic 3D instead of sprite people, but the video makes me feel a little ill now.
I'm not passing judgement on the game or people who might enjoy it. I might even actually enjoy it. I was expecting to be excited watching the video but I did not have the reaction I expected.

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