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Comment Next they'll come for the lava lamps (Score 1) 757

Apparently one of the common tools used to 'cook' meth in home labs is a lava lamp. Just wait, within the next 1-2 years, we'll see something about the DEA cracking down on lava lamp sales.

I can just see it now, how it would go at the check-out register.

"Sir, I need you to show ID, sign this log, and you can't buy all four of those, you can only buy one at a time."

"WTF? My 60s party is going to be a total flop without ALL 4 of these."

"Sorry sir. I guess your party will be collateral damage from the War on Meth."

Comment I used this backpacking at Philmont (Score 1) 757

I was already annoyed about the pseudoephedrine restrictions. Did you know phenylephrine (the 'safe and effective' replacement) works no better than placebo when ingested orally? That's not the line the government sold the public about it. They said it was 'just as effective for most people'.

And now they're going after the guy who makes Polar Pure? The one positive of this is that I learned about the small business behind a product that probably saved me from the shits when I was a teenager backpacking in New Mexico. Poor guy.

Comment Re:Wasn't there another story... (Score 1) 318

Here are some options regarding DVDs:

1. Pre-rip DVD, sit down to watch it from NAS on TV, enjoy content
2. Watch DVD in legit player. Wait for ads for shows and movies I don't care about, anti-piracy messages, studio names and animations, etc, finally get to watch content.

Which option is more appealing to you? Every time I choose option 2 I am appalled anew at the crap they make you watch before you can actually watch the DVD. I don't own a Blu-Ray player, but I assume it's just as bad?

Comment I've gotten a call from the police about TOR (Score 5, Interesting) 252

I run an exit node on a VPS. Apparently it'd been used by some guy to try to get a teenaged girl to send him naked pics. They subpoenaed everything back to my business cable connection at home and then called up my company (i.e. me) about it citing a scary amount of information about me. I explained to the detective what TOR was (I already have the standard exit node info page up as recommended on the web server), and he'd already heard it from someone else (a civil lib organization running TOR exits used by the same guy). They dropped it there. Scared me a little and I contacted the EFF, who did not hesitate to offer support should something worse happen in the future. EFF is one of the only organizations I donate to, ever, and I donate a decent chunk of change every month. I'm a proud supporter and it's good to know they're there to support me too.

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