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Comment Re:An IT dept. with its own goals?!? (Score 1) 214

Spoken as one who has never worked in an IT department. IT departments are generally understaffed to being with and the people in them are not exactly overpaid. So while you want your new phone to be supported, where does the time and training for it come from? If you really want to use it, you should be the one making the case, because otherwise you are just asking a bunch of overworked and underpaid people to voluntarily make their own lives miserable. If what you say was the truth then it would be easy to get management to send everyone in IT out for training or to hire in a new person with those skills, but that just never happens.

Comment You will not get paid, but... (Score 1) 848

This is actually very simple. You work for a company. They asked you to do something. You did it. Therefore it falls within your employment unless you have a contract that specifically lays out that you will be paid extra for this. Also, I hate to tell you this, but junior programmer is a lower paygrade in the industry than senior SA. If you get a lawyer, as has been suggested above, expect to be out of a job and to never get another cent from that company, but you will still have to pay the lawyer. Now what you might want to do is negotiate to do the work on company time with all code being open source and donated - GET THAT IN WRITING! Think of this as a great resume-building task and turn it into a positive for both yourself and the community because you will never get paid.

Comment Re:NO. (Score 1) 349

I did hot my kids - I think twice each. After that they knew that I would consider it and I thought that it would no longer help. I do fall quite to the right of Obama, but I do not view this as left or right. Parents do not have to be educated. Parents need to let kids know that they expect them to do well - that they expect homework to be done before anything else gets done. The reports sent home from school can tell you if the student is doing well and doing homework - you do not need to know the subjects. In an extreme case a kid that was doing badly in school but was a naturally talented athlete was brought into my cousin's house (left of Obama) and treated as a son. When the expectation of good grades was established the child started working harder to get good grades and took pride when he did better. When he went back to visit his real parents and told them of his success with the grades they did not care at all. Fortunately that kid got his grades up high enough that with his athletic ability he was able to get into the local state college on an athletic scholarship and is doing well in both athletics and academics now.

Comment Re:NO. (Score 2) 349

It depends on what the teacher wants to say. It might be that the teacher is purposely teaching them this way then moving on to algebra and wants the student to know the hard way before learning the easy way. That is how I learned and while I do not know if they still teach kids that way today (my kids did not learn that way) it is possible.

Comment Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 349

Must be nice to be in an area where you can do that for $65k. Here on Long Island, you need about $200,000 to hit that mark. That is not a number I made up, nor is it a scientific study, but rather based on that exact question put forth on a morning radio station a couple of years ago. The decision was that the definition of true middle class was the ability to own am average house (4 bedrooms, 1/4 acre), pay bills, put away for college, for retirement, be able to take a one week non-exotic vacation yearly and get one new car every 3 years (on LI you need one car per working adult - crappy public transit so this mean replace cars every 6 years) and have a few months reserve in case of job loss, etc. Those under $200k/year were unable to do this.

Comment Re:A problem of attribution (Score 1) 240

They are not selling it as their own. If you look at their site, there is even a direct link back to the site where the OP released the code. This is a case of the OP freaking out without even bothering to do some basic research as to what the GPL allows and what the site claims to be selling.

Comment Re:Everyone has their own "point of copyright" (Score 1) 361

Actually the objective point of copyright was to balance the rights of the author (copyright holder) to enrich himself from his creation against the rights of the public to have every work in the Public Domain. Unfortunately this balance has tipped far in the direction of the copyright holder at the expense of the public. The public need to be educated that having works in the Public Domain is their right and is a good thing.

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