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Comment Re:Nothing new here.. (Score 4, Interesting) 268

On the C-64 version of Ultima IV, you could flip the floppy disc upside down and then move your character until the next portion of the map was loaded. It read data directly off the disc with no validation, because the map squares then had all kinds of random items on them, a good number of which were treasure chests. As soon as you got enough gold, you just flipped the disc back over and played normally.

Comment Re:Journey from Slackware to Kubunto (Score 1) 867

Almost the same: Slackware (floppies) -> RedHat -> Gentoo -> Xubuntu

And my reasons for moving:

  • Slackware -> RedHat: RedHat worked out-of-the-box at the time I needed it; no manual Modeline configurations needed to get X running.
  • RedHat -> Gentoo: I needed the flexibility of Gentoo to run on multiple architectures (SPARC, PowerPC)
  • Gentoo -> Xubuntu: Eventually, I got tired of having to manage every detail of the software configuration, not to mention waiting for compiles to complete. I just wanted to get stuff done.
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Submission + - Warren Buffet: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich (

An anonymous reader writes: The New York Times has a, let's say, surprising opinion piece. None other than Warren Buffet is exhorting Congress to stop its indefectible support of what the billionaire calls the "Mega-rich".

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