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Comment Reforging (Score 2, Interesting) 297

This is a fairly big deal. It really changes how the economy handles equipment through the auction house, etc.
I wonder how much changing is possible can you go from +30 spirit to +15 agility +15 Stamina for instance.
How often can I do this reforging, can I reforge my PVP gear into raiding gear and back again?

Enchanters DEing gear that doesn't have much in the way of usefulness changes because all gear will be much more useful
and if its not what you'd like you can just reforge it into more of your liking.

It'll be interesting to see how all this plays out.

Comment Re:stagnation of gasoline? (Score 2, Interesting) 1006

This is a great point; I wish I had mods points. While the issue could be kept to a minimum by keeping the gas tank small 4-5 gallons& keeping it between a quarter and half a tank a lot, but if you ran for a year without engaging the engine because all you drive is a few miles a day, you may have a serious problem. Most hybrids up to now this hasn't been an issue because they run their ICE a lot, with the Volt, it might start to become a problem. Should be interesting to keep an eye on this topic.

Comment Re:Here come the Lawyers (Score 1) 289

Here I try to somewhat amusing while pointing out the obvious and I get modded a Troll; sigh.
And yes, I agree they should be sued, the company should be sued, the people who approved this should be sued and held criminally liable in my opinion. But try and point out the lawyers feeding frenzy is somehow off-base ....

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 241

IANAL - NDIPOOT (Nor Do I Play One On Tv) From the Article: A key passage -- Section 3.05 (b), if you want to look it up -- says that user agreements contain an implied warranty that purchased software "contains no material hidden defects of which the transferor [the seller] was aware at the time of the transfer." What's more, no matter what language the vendor places in the user agreement, the warranty still stands. Wouldn't this make it tough to ship a product at all? The code base would have to have no known defects (bugs) regardless or scope or scale of the bug/defect. I'm assuming a material defect would just be a defect or some part of the code that doesn't do what it's supposed to do. I suppose you could just publish a list of known "usability enhancements",but even that at it still seems like a huge burden to place on the developer. What about when issues come up once a product ships? The products that ship after the discovery but before the notices can be updated would be in breach of this "recommendation".

Comment A little late to the disscussion here but, (Score 1) 1146

Start talking about finances now. Get on a budget so you know exactly where you stand, with relation to expenses. Get some money saved up to take the pressure off in case something happens and its going to happen. Avoid accumulating debt as much as possible or completely if you can, its just more stress that can be avoided. If the two of you can talk frankly about money and get on the same page you can talk about anything which in turn will help with working through any trials that come along immensely.

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