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Comment Re:What a great man (Score 1) 311

There is still time for orderly change and peaceful reform.

"Mr. Gorbachev, gradually reduce the height of this wall over the coming years and decades!"

Funny how Ronald "Southern Strategy" Reagan only appeals to gradualism in this instance.

Comment Re:Distributed responsibility (Score 1) 406

When a doctor tortures a patient there is a direct cause and effect from the doctor's actions to the pain and suffering of the victim.

When an engineer designs a weapon, he's not actually causing the pain and suffering. Once you get away from "complete responsibility", the rest is easy:

And if a doctor is asked to treat a tortured prisoner so that they may be healthy enough to be tortured more?

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 406

And does your employer only sell weapons to customers you are morally comfortable with, or do those weapons end up being sold to just about anybody the government wants to placate at the moment?

Can you guarantee that the weapons you're designing are being deliberately used to threaten someone else's sleeping baby girls, if not your own outright?

Comment Re:Scalpel or gun can be used for good or bad ... (Score 1) 406

Its not the scalpel or the gun that is the problem, it is the mind and the intentions behind the hand holding the scalpel or gun.

Medical companies refuse to export drugs to the United States that they know are used in executions. But nobody will stop selling arms to someone else unless and until international law gets involved, and sometimes not even then.

It seems pretty clear that those in the field of medicine have a higher moral standard.

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