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Comment Re:For those Curious (Score 0) 207

For those curious to why Google raised a ruckus about this, there is a concept that once a word has become used in the more generic sense that the term may be used by other companies

That's not the whole story here, though:

After Google demanded that the definition be changed and the Council add a disclaimer

Ungoogleable adj.--Describes a concept that cannot be found using lesser, inferior, and possibly hazardous search engines, but readily available using Google's superior technology; nothing is impossible for Google, your new best friend! Sign up for Google+ today!

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 134

Organizations have a hard enough time explaining to their adult employees how to avoid phishing scams and the like, and they have knowledgeable professionals doing the training. It is wholly unrealistic to expect one or two individual parents to be able to adequately protect the privacy and information security of minors against entities that have the drive and resources of Facebook.

Comment Re:Tipping point ... (Score 1) 427

SimCity was the tipping point.

I sincerely doubt it. Ultimately, EA's problem with SimCity was that they had too many paying customers. That's generally not something shareholders or board members would be terribly displeased by.

There's no real indication that EA's bottom line is hurting regardless, let alone what it would be caused by.

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