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Comment Re:My level 80 warlock (Score 1) 523

Nice, I'm with the Alliance as well but would've gone to the dark side if the Horde where named "The Independence" and the character name "Malcolm Reynolds" where allowed. But, such is not the case so I'm working for the Blue Sun corp.


Comment Reap what you sow. (Score 1) 523

The religious people deserve to be 100% ignored in games, they deserve it.


Well most video games are either:

1.) 1st person shooter
2.) Role playing AD&D

I've been playing AD&D since 1977 when Chainmail was upgraded to Dungeons and Dragons.

Well, things were going just fine until the early 1980s when some wackos took their role playing too far in Wisconsin and someone died. The religious community immediately stigmatized the ENTIRE gaming community as devil-worshiping loonies based on this ONE anecdote. As a consequence, a couple of years later the Dieties and Demigods manual was revised to "Monster Manual" and all vestiges of religion were wiped from the game.

Let this be a warning to any are thinking of putting "religion" into video games.

Do so at your own peril because these same Yahoos! clamoring for this will turn against you and besmirch your game exactly the way they did AD&D.

So don't do it.

It's called Karma. Let them reap what they sowed.

Amen. LOL.

Comment Religion? I don't need to show you and stinking... (Score 1) 523

Religion? RELIGION? I don't need to show you any stinking religion!

One of the best delivered lines to this day in a movie.

On that note, one clarion call for the 1970s is the adage, "Reality is for people who can't handle drugs."

I propose we brush off this adage and upgrade it to the 2.0 version, "Reality is for people who can't handle video games."

Who needs religion? I got WoW!

Comment Why? (Score 1) 736

" lots of years getting good at creating technical products and I don't want the same label as the intern who fixes windoze."

Why? Seriously, why?

Are we living in the 18th century with Kings and Dukes and such?

Every Doctor I have I call them by their first name, not Doctor.

Sometimes people want a license. As with Doctor or Dentist. Only people who have the license can professionally claim the title. Otherwise titles are just pandering. I know many a people who'd rather have pay than a title, the title was bestowed on them without pay as a form of placation.

Are you really that insecure?

Funny how my email inbox doesn't seem suffer from anyone understanding my role. I do not get windoze emails even though we share similar titles. In fact, in large corporations titles are really about pay grade. If your pay is the same as the windoze guy, then you have bigger issues than title. If your pay is commensurate with your work, who fricking cares what they call you?

Comment Re:Gritty. I want gritty. (Score 1) 829

Unfortunately is appears to be something fluffy on the order of Sanctuary. Only instead of the mutants being caged by humans, the humans are caged by the aliens. Ugh. They should let Sanctuary be the "feel good" show and turn this show into death, mayhem and destruction. I'm with you on that.

Comment (Score 4, Interesting) 417

Different people, different models.

When I use advertising I want to see nothing but ads. That is what Sales Circular does. It is nothing but ads and competitor's prices are shown side-by-side.

Personally I think everyone buys things on sale, wants to buy things on sale. However, for someone like myself I consume ads using a different model.

My desired advertising consumption is analogous to the classified ads section of newspapers, or Craig's List.

Online marketing needs to cover their customer consumption bases when it comes to consumer advertising. People like myself who perhaps use AdBlock Plus still want things on sale, we just would prefer to browse ads all-at-once when we are looking for sales, as opposed to seeing ads intermixed with content.

At the end of the day, though, I'm still looking for things on sale and I still buy advertised product.

I don't see AdBlock Plus as a threat, just an expression how different types of consumers like myself use different tactics to find what is on sale. This is no different in the past where Catalogs, Classifieds, Yellow Pages, Magazines, etc all had different audiences they were reaching.

Comment Self-similar networks (Score 1) 417

Networks are self-similar. People who *rely* on ads are not going to block them. I never click on ads so AdBlock Plus makes sense for me.

Targeted ads are the norm on the Internet and hence targeted ads can also be described as "search results", ergo Google is number one in online advertising by marrying ads with results as the most effective means.

Given then that networks are self-similar, I just see AdBlock Plus as something those who would never click on ads anyway would logically use and are saving people who pay for impressions money by not showing ads to people like myself who scorn them all. Advertising works because people appreciate them, not through some subliminal chicanery. I suspect that targeting of ads will be so specific and appreciated in the future that the ad targeting will surpass relevance over Google's generalized search results. After all, ads are paid for per word and other other demographic data, Google's search results not so much.


Comment RIP RUP? (Score 1) 83

Uhhh, does this mean the Unified Process is dead?

I haven't worked with Websphere and Rational products since 2005. Back then the Rational Unified Process with use cases, etc. was suppose to be the next big thing. Rational had some tools called the Rational Unified Process which allowed you to create sequence diagrams, etc.

When you click on the Jazz products link\ it takes you to the projects page where all of them start with "Rational" by name. Is IBM going to Open Source ClearCase now? Most attempts at trying to interchange ClearCase with CVS or Subversion have failed. I'm suspicious that since the projects all start with "Rational" by name that there then might be significant "features" unavailable unless one buys ClearCase?

Sounds like IBM is trying to FUD their own open source product, Eclipse, with the focus on uncertainty and doubt.

Comment Microsoft Ad (Score 1) 228

Is it just me or did this read like a promo right off of Microsoft's web site?

Is slashdot going to go the way of PC Magazine back in the late 1980s and just becoming a venue for corporate promotion?

This article was kinda depressing.

It is nice to have at least one corner of the Netverse not dominated by the corporate overlords.

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