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Comment Re:Ministry of Censorship (Score 4, Informative) 674

Actually, there is. There's 2 bodies that do censorship in Australia.

OFLC reviews media for compliance. It's an independent body that reports to Parliament.

ACMA is responsible for online/broadcast regulation. It answers to the Minister for Communications (ie Conroy). It refers things that it thinks need to be classified to the OFLC.

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 674

Actually, you're not required to vote. You're required to attend a voting place or submit an absentee ballot and get crossed off the electoral roll.

What you decide to record on your vote (including nothing at all) is up to you.


Submission + - What happens to my on-line accounts when I die ?

An anonymous reader writes: Seriously, I had to think about this. I consider half of my life is on-line and should be for most of you. Except for living in with family, friends etc. Everything else is now on-line, even planing that hiking trip.

Be it photo albums, bloging, radio all are web2.0 they say !

Seriously, what happens to all of my on-line life and related accounts the day I be hit by a truck ?

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