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Comment Re:Don't you understand things change? (Score 1) 591

The change you speak of here is artificial. Why is it it costs so much more per person for health care in the US. I can tell you why, I just paid $1600 for two prescriptions that certainly don't cast that much to make, not even close. But, because no one stops them they charge what they want. Our government should not be paying these outrageous prices for our peoples health and neither should we. Regulate the drug companies and droves of "medical equipment" manufacturers that are profiteering on peoples pain, bring those costs down in line with at least the rest of world (we can do far better). That's where to get the money back, not by killing the poor and making medicine in the US elitist.

Comment What fun! (Score 1) 423

Wait, you're gonna make it so peoples cars will shut off their engines when they receive a signal from a transmitter the could be in someone elses car? Really, this is gonna be more fun than the taco bell takeover.

takeover vid is here if you've never seen it

Comment I suggest musical uses (Score 1) 212

We could use the keyboard to change the volume, attack, decay of musical note. Heck we could even include some side to side motion on the key to change other characteristics and... oh wait, my music keyboards have done this for years. Are you sure this is patentable? Oh, I guess if you can patent a word processor in 2009 you can patent anything....

PlayStation (Games)

Heavy Rain Gameplay Explained 56

David Cage, writer and director of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, has released a lengthy video of an entire level from the game, along with detailed commentary about how the game works. He demonstrates how to operate the UI, showing how contextual menus let you control actions, dialog, and even your character's thoughts, while also showcasing how the game's investigatory system works and even a few fighting-related quick-time events. 1Up recently spoke with Cage about his time in the games industry, including his previous work on Indigo Prophecy. They also did a Heavy Rain preview of their own, and spoke briefly about post-launch plans. The game is due out next year for the PS3.

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