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Comment Independant citations? (Score 1) 596

I read the developers whining about piracy, but they never seem to have any independent source study to cite which confirm these numbers. Anecdotal evidence immediately available to me suggests that they are full of crap. I know 15 or so Android users and none of them pirate anything. This is like Az. Governor Jan Brewer citing beheadings in the desert as the reason for the need of stronger immigration controls (there were no such beheadings - she made it up). Before statements like this are even seriously discussed, show us the independent sources.

Comment Terrorism won; we sacrificed freedom for safety (Score 5, Insightful) 196

I said it back in '01 and I'll repeat it now. By giving up our freedom in the name of security, we have allowed the terrorists to prevail. Pursue them. Hunt them down. Deal with those who have harbored them as enemies of the US. But we should never have relinquished a single liberty for the sake of security.

Benjamin Franklin said it best:
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Franklin's Contributions to the Conference on February 17 (III) Fri, Feb 17, 1775

Comment Bring back *real* drivers education (Score 1) 358

When I was in High School (30+) years ago, Drivers Education spent a lot of time going over police video/film from accident scenes. Un-cut. All the gruesome results in brilliant full color. Most of us learned that 4000+ pounds of steel and glass + high velocity + inattention = gruesome consequences.

Those reels should be mandatory for every driver. Not everyone will "get it", but enough will.

Comment Re:Just keep calm... (Score 5, Insightful) 1059

Not likely. I despised "W" giving the okey-dokey to invade the persons and privacy of people in the US then and feel betrayed that our current President has done nothing to fix the problem.

Terrorist: Look at that! 600 people waiting in the security check point line at LAX!!! More than they can fit on any plane!!!
Terrorist: *BOOM*

CNN: 100s dead, 100s wounded in LAX bombing.

See the problem?

Comment LulzSec is bulls*** (Score 1) 835

Dear LulzSec,

F*** you. In releasing "hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, training manuals, personal email correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords belonging to Arizona law enforcement." you have endangered the lives and families of Arizona's DPS officers.

It is my sincerest hope that you will be caught and sent to Guantanamo Bay, where you will be interrogated for an extended period of time, then brought back to the Mainland US where you will be tried and convicted of your crimes against the State.

I am against SB1070 and in favor of immigration reform. What you have done is expose AZ DPS officers families to retribution from violent drug cartels and vicious petty criminals. You suck LulzSec.

-40yr Pima AZ Resident (http://startourstate.com/)

Comment Cowboy up, dude (Score 1) 1307

You should escalate. Go over his head so you can show the bosses what an arrogant idiot you are; how you are willing to risk the hospitals money and reputation so that you and your team can conveniently get your calendar on your iPhone.

While you do that, I recommend you polish up your resume. You'll need it.

PC Games (Games)

Minecraft Reaches Beta Status, Price Goes Up 279

Eric writes "After over a year of development, Minecraft has hit Beta status today. Minecraft was developed for about a week before its public release on May 17, 2009. With the new milestone, the price of the game has increased to €14.95; when Minecraft moves beyond beta status, it will sell for €20.00. The beta is more focused on polish and content. The aim is to add proper modding support via a stable API, some kind of non-intrusive narrative to help drive the game experience early on, and a late-game goal. Updates will be less frequent, so as to make sure stability is maintained thanks to more extended testing. Despite this, there have already been two beta releases: client and server Beta 1.0 followed quickly by client 1.0_01."
Open Source

Linux 2.6.36 Released 238

diegocg writes "Version 2.6.36 of the Linux kernel has been released. This version includes support for the Tilera architecture, a new filesystem notification interface called fanotify, CIFS local caching, support for Intel Intelligent Power Sharing in i3/5 systems, integration of the kernel debugger and KMS, inclusion of the AppArmor security system, a redesign of workqueues optimized for concurrency, and several new drivers and small improvements. See the full changelog here for more details."

2012 Mayan Calendar 'Doomsday' Date Might Be Wrong 144

astroengine writes "A UC Santa Barbara associate professor is disputing the accuracy of the mesoamerican 'Long Count' calendar after highlighting several astronomical flaws in a correlation factor used to synchronize the ancient Mayan calendar with our modern Gregorian calendar. If proven to be correct, Gerardo Aldana may have nudged the infamous December 21, 2012 'End of the World' date out by at least 60 days. Unfortunately, even if the apocalypse is rescheduled, doomsday theorists will unlikely take note."

Paleontologists Discover World's Horniest Dinosaur 109

Ponca City, We love you writes "The Guardian reports that paleontologists have uncovered the remains of an ancient beast called Kosmoceratops richardsoni that stood 16 feet tall with a 6-foot skull equipped with 15 horns and lived 76 million years ago in the warm, wet swamps of what is now southern Utah. 'These animals are basically over-sized rhinos with a whole lot more horns on their heads. They had huge heads relative to their body size,' says Scott Sampson, a researcher at the Utah Museum of Natural History."

Company Presses Your Ashes Into Vinyl When You Die 101

Lanxon writes "Music lovers can now be immortalized when they die by having their ashes baked into vinyl records to leave behind for loved ones, reports Wired. A UK company called And Vinyly is offering people the chance to press their ashes in a vinyl recording of their own voice, their favorite tunes or their last will and testament. Minimalist audiophiles might want to go for the simple option of having no tunes or voiceover, and simply pressing the ashes into the vinyl to result in pops and crackles."

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