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Comment Re:They Why ZFS? (Score 1) 235

LARC is a huge benefit in the Solaris world, where the comparison is UFS. Solaris UFS is unbelievably primitive, and the reason why job 1 in many SOlaris shops is to buy a third-party filesytem for any serious work.

In the Linux world, where aggressive use of caching has been standard for over a decade it compares a lot less favourably.

That said, btrfs management is a shit sandwich. ZFS's management tools actually let you, you know, use the advertised features of the filesystem.

Comment Re:LILO is immune to this. (Score 3, Insightful) 429

I failed to see what the big benefit of GRUB was in the first place. It adds a huge amount of complexity for standard Intel boxes, minimal benefits, and when it was first jammed into distros, regressed all sorts of use cases (such as booting from broken software RAIDs).

Much like the Linux audio subsystems, it's a tail of throwing out something that works for 90% of users, replacing it with something of dubious virtue, and then declaring the remaining problems too hard to solve and moving on to the Next Big Thing (GRUB 2 in this case), while giving you a pile of new and insane problems to deal with.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 375

Boy, I guess it's just as well that "Windows" covers one operating system with one API for writing games with, not DX9/10, XP/Vista/7, and multiple additions of each operating system release, plus multiple processor and GPU architectures. That would be a nightmare.

Comment Re:I feel sorry (Score 4, Insightful) 392

YMMV. We have more problems with our Sun hardware than we ever do with our HP Lintel boxes. Hell, we had an M5K dead within a week of delivery due to a single point of failure with a fan stopping and frying a backplane. And let us not speak of the 4xx series machines, whose memory controllers appear to be made from components eMachines rejected as too crappy.

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