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Comment Re:Twitter's End Game [the end is near] (Score 1) 127

The latest revision of the official Twitter iPhone app (the app formerly known as Tweetie) has location service on whenever it is in the foreground. There is no way to turn it off. There is nothing to indicate what it is doing with your location info. This coming so close to the deprecation of 3rd party apps is a really, really bad sign for where this company is going.

I will never use their iPhone app again because of this. The #dickbar is merely annoying, recording your location without consent is actively offensive to the point I'm rethinking using Twitter at all. It's not an idle threat - I haven't used Facebook in several months because of their awful attitude towards privacy.

And if a location-tracking app is the only one left, buh-bye Twitter.

Comment Re:Common sense says... (Score 1) 417

In all seriousness, it again comes down to cultural differences.

Chinese people can be absolute fanatics about respecting boundaries that are entirely imaginary to Westerners, while at the same time being completely oblivious to boundaries that are perfectly obvious to the rest of us.

Intention vs facts is the best I can come up with. It would be horrible to admit a bad intention, while no immediately perceivable fact could be construed to cause embarrassment (i.e. "but he is fat!"). Think of them as Vulcan clowns, if that helps. So you can observe or ask anything with impunity (e.g. how much money do you make), but you should always have a socially acceptable excuse for your actions ("no, i wasn't peeing on your foot, but it was on fire and i was trying to help. and i peed a little").

My in-laws are Chinese, so as puzzling as it is (and it is), I'm not the least bit surprised at this. I'm still trying to understand it, myself.

There is a logic, it's just backwards to my way of thinking.

Comment Re:Common sense says... (Score 4, Informative) 417

Common sense is different in different cultures.

In some places, common sense says you don't eat corn - it's for the animals stupid! How dare you serve it to me.

In Japan, where streets are small and houses close, people are very used to not looking and not seeing things plainly visible from the street. It would be really rude to stare, and it isn't done.

So yes, she does have a reasonable expectation of a kind of privacy that is expected in Japan, and which was violated by Google.

Comment Re:Asians (Score 1) 299

Well good on you for insulting China. Always a smart rhetorical strategy to deflect on someone else.

Then there's this: "Still, South Korean animators make one-third the salaries of their American counterparts, and Shin declined to comment on the full extend of the work his company has oursourced to SEK, a state-run animation studio of North Korea."

Your outrage is a little excessive given that. And you could have addressed that. But didn't. /i got paid 3 times what you did for trolling comment boards //relax, kid, that's satire.

Comment What's the catch? (Score 2) 278

It sounds like a fairly good deal for the US and for more, uh, parsimonious consumers.

As phone and text, it's great, IOW. And that's where the usage seems to be for lower end consumers.

Probably not for the average ./er's kind of data consumption, but still a welcome addition to the US mobile market.

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