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Comment Re:Fair Use Applies to All (Score 1) 418

Since I explicitly stated that the copyright holder has not pursued legal action, I clearly do not believe that his is continuing his lawsuit, contrary to your first claim, and therefore, you clearly did not read my comment, and I stopped reading your rebuttal at that point, as you clearly have some viewpoint of your own you are trying to push and can't be bothered to form a cogent argument for it. Have a nice day. I will however, follow the advice of the insightful poster above you and review the judge's opinion.

Comment Fair Use Applies to All (Score 1) 418

Lest you forget, and I'm sure you have all forgotten, one of the universally-despised Righthaven's early major defeats in court occurred when a judge decided that a non-profit could use a news article IN ITS ENTIRETY as fair use . Can this woman lose a similar defense over a single image (not that the photographer has yet sued)? Perhaps she can, if only through her own incompetence. Odds have shifted in her favor, and in the favor of 1000s other organizations you may consider undeserving. Yes, that's the taste of victory turning to ash in your mouth. Remember to vote Pirate Party!

Comment I want the site to actually work (Score 1) 410

There's already 250 comments so you might not even see this. I have spent hours trying to customize my front page. I keep finding stories I want to read, collapsed. The faq says I can customize my front page by clicking on something on the left bar. THERE'S NOTHING THERE TO CUSTOMIZE MY FRONT PAGE.

My front page has stuff I want to read, collapsed, and is full of stuff I don't want to read. If I open all those up, and then start reading articles, when I come back, they are all collapsed again. When I load more articles, they all are gone when I come back, and I have to load them again. But, ARE they loading? Did they start autoloading when I scrolled to the bottom? Do I have to click the tab? Mark Andresson knew to put a progress bar in his browsers, but I have no idea what your javascript is doing at any given moment.

All this trouble with you not support that browser any more?

Oh, and why do I have to decide if I want HTML capabilities before I start composing my comment? Choose wrong, and I'm adding markup just to get newlines. Why do I have to lose my comment if I try to change my settings?

Comment I don't think submitter understands copyright (Score 3, Insightful) 238

There's been a 100 posts so probably nobody will see this, but I don't think Maximum Prophet understands copyright. What's the difference between a Xerox (TM) machine and a human with a memory and a pen? One is a lot slower

Paraphrasing is paraphrasing. Copying is copying. And tests are valuable only when they test what they are designed to test, and not rote memorization(*)

(*) Apologies to any pharmacology majors who have to memorize more than most people memorize in their life.

The Military

Submission + - GHOST Claimed to be World's First Super-cavitating (

Zothecula writes: If you combined a stealth jet fighter and an attack helicopter and stuck them in the water, what would you get? Well, according to the folks at New Hampshire's Juliet Marine Systems (JMS), you'd get the GHOST marine platform. Privately developed for possible use by the U.S. Navy, the boat would reportedly be invisible to enemy ships' radar, while also being faster and more economical than existing military vessels. The company's big claim, however, is that GHOST is the world's first super-cavitating watercraft.

Comment Re:Which is what, exactly? (Score 4, Insightful) 2247

How are the people of North Dakota supposed to ship their wheat to China when a tsunami takes out a west coast shipping port?

Alright, I want every small-government proponent to make a list of 100 things they want to fund, personally? Take a moment, I'll wait. Was drought-proof wheat on your list? Probably not. Do you need drought-proof wheat? If you don't what to be buying your food from Siberia, you sure do. Is there incentive to develop drought-proof wheat? There sure is. Is anybody going to follow that incentive? No. Why? Because it wasn't on your list or anybody else's. You didn't think of it. Or you (wrongly) believe it's not important. Or that somebody else will do it. Who funds drought-proof wheat research? Department of Agriculture research programs.

Alright, now, I want you to make a time budget. How many hours in a day are you going to spend evaluating who should receive your private funding. And be sure you do your research, we don't want Solyndra fraudsters getting it. The DC bureaucrats do this all day, but now YOU have to do it. What's that, you want to delegate it? To a company that takes your money and decides for you, and keeps a chunk of it for itself? Sounds familiar?

Oh but your system is voluntary. Except you don't actually have time to do it.

Do you really WANT to pay the free-market cost of education? Do you want everybody else to? Just how many burger flippers and drug dealers do you think this society can support? Do you want your cancer operated on by somebody who learned from Khan Academy of Medicine on Youtube?

Do you want clean water? Do you think there are incentives for private companies to keep water clean? Environmental protection is expensive, it's true. Turns out making small settlements and dragging out legal cases with in-house council is a lot less. The true incentive is to not keep the water clean. You live in a free society, but your child is DEAD. Oh well.

Comment Re:CERN (Score 2) 119

I read the sad story of a bitter failure who's full of shit. Let's see you brute force yourself a 1m accuracy GPS system without Einstein. You can do it. You'd just be the latest in a long line of mule-headed engineers going back to Ptolemy. What, it's not accurate enough? Let's throw on another epicycle (correction fit to the residual). Still not accurate? Another epicycle (correction fit to the residual of the residual). Kepler and Einstein are full of shit, we'll just brute force it, right? You want a hand-held gps? Sure, we'll engineer it, and here's the battery in a backpack to power all those corrections. Please tell me your field and state so I can avoid whatever it is you engineer. P.S. OPERA is the first neutrino speed measurement. We've been measuring the speed of neutrinos for over 50 years, only one of them has error bars that don't include c. And THAT measurement is outside the error bars of all the other measurements. But you put all your faith in the outlier. P.P.S. I have the design for a gyroscopic perpetual energy machine. The 'scientists' say it can't work. But I'd be willing to part with the design and give it to your 'engineering' firm for $50k and an NDA.

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