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Comment Re:GPL "Infection" (Score 1) 224

The GPL is all about preserving access to code. If you use GPL code, you have to publish that code. If you make changes to it, you need to publish those changes as well. This is to stop people "proprieterizing" GPLed code by making a few incompatible changes and releasing it.

Well then the GPL has failed because that is exactly what these people are doing. They're altering the GPL code, offloading code to proprietary files, then releasing the whole thing as a finished product. I presume this can be done with split .c files as well, in which case the GPL has this flaw from the start.

Submission + - Want NSA Attention? Use Encrypted Communications ( 1

CowboyRobot writes: Bad news for fans of anonymizing Tor networks, PGP and other encryption services: If you're attempting to avoid the National Security Agency's digital dragnet, you may be making yourself a target, as well as legally allowing the agency to retain your communications indefinitely — and even use them to test the latest code-breaking tools. Those revelations come via leaked documents that detail the operating guidelines for secret NSA surveillance programs authorized by Congress in 2008. Those documents include a one-page memorandum from a U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) judge, saying that the guidelines don't violate Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches.

Submission + - 51% of IT Pros Admit That Their Companies Are Being Pwned (

rmurph04 writes: According to identity management firm Cyber-Ark's Global Advanced Threat survey, 51 percent of business executives and IT professionals believe a cyber attacker is currently on their network or has been on their network during the last year. Another key finding from the report was that 80 percent of respondents believe cyber attacks are a greater threat to their countries than a physical attack.

Submission + - Citrix XenServer open sourced (

hypnosec writes: Citrix has released XenServer 6.2 and with that has open sourced its product and made it available through a new website – XenServer, which has been a mixture of proprietary tools from Citrix and open source components, comprises of Xen hypervisor running on a modified version of the CentOS Linux alongside specialized user tools. Citrix describes its latest move as a step to fend off the "confusion created amongst developers and users" of the product.

Submission + - 7 Signs Your Project is Headed for Failure (

Esther Schindler writes: How can you recognize that your project is headed for disaster? Look for these warning signs.

For example: Everybody is “the Vision Guy.”: "Another political landmine is the flip side of nobody being in charge: Everyone thinks he is in charge. To demonstrate the need to be “part of” this important, career-defining project, every single stakeholder sees himself as a dog that needs to mark his territory by peeing on it."

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 96

Exascale computers would be helpful for climate modeling. Right now climate models don't have the same resolution as weather models, because they need to be run for much longer periods of time. This means that they don't have the resolution to simulate clouds directly, and resort to average statistical approximations of cloud behavior. This is a big bottleneck in improving the accuracy of climate models. They're just now moving from 100 km to 10 km resolution for short simulations. With exascale they could move to 1 km resolution and build a true cloud-resolving model that can be run on century timescales.

Comment Re:Sounds like BS to me (Score 1) 230

Funny you should mention that; apparently someone has gone and invented a book that, get this, you can use to look up the definitions of a word!

Name one spoken language, where there is an authoritative source of definitions of words. Anybody can go write such a book, and none of them will actually be authoritative.

without government regulation or fear of monopolies.

How would you avoid monopolies without government regulation?

Comment Re:Sounds like BS to me (Score 1) 230

it should be abundantly clear at this point, there is not and never has been such a thing as a free market

Before you even try to answer if there is a free market or not, you need to figure out what the words free market actually means. Do you have a free market if a single established player in the market or a small group of players can force newcomers off the market? I'd say no. But then you need regulations to protect the free market. There are people who say it is not a free market if there is any sort of regulations. And by their definition a market controlled by a monopoly is more free than a market with multiple competing players subject to government regulations protecting consumers from the most immoral business practices.

If your definition of a free market is one where there are no regulations and a newcomer can take a part of the market by producing a better product than the established players, then such a market cannot exist. Because without regulations established players can and will squash newcomers.

I don't really care much how people define the words free market. I care more about how the market actually works. And I consider some amount of regulations to be a good thing. At the very least consumers should be able to know what the products on the market are, such that they can make informed decisions on which products they want. Misleading information about products undermines fair competition, so regulations to prevent such misleading information is a good thing.

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