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Comment Missing option - More then one! (Score 1) 219


Well I'm English but my girlfriend is Chinese so I celebrate the standard Gregorian solar new year and the Chinese lunar new year. I see no point missing an opportunity to have two parties. The Chinese lunar new year period lasts around 2 weeks and there are different celebrations for each day so that does tends to be better then a single night party that fades out soon after midnight.


Comment Re:What to work on next. (Score 1) 453

I'm talking about the computer I use at work to access the Unix and Linux systems I develop on. I work for a major financial organisation which is not going to roll out Linux on the desktop any time soon so for the time being, I am forced to use Windows on the desktop.

Thanks for the tip of not buying computers running XP for home use but I have been working in Unix since 1985 and still have an '82 vintage IBM PC that can boot Minix and do useful work.

Thanks, Bob.

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