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Comment Dos and don'ts (Score 3, Informative) 295

Doesn't sound like you're hacked really.
But generally:

don't: old versions of android (upgrade your devices - upgrade hardware if you can't run latest software) ..install apps from non-appstore sources, be vary of malicious appstore apps as well (read reviews, do research before install, generally avoid "freebie" versions of paid software). on strange pages, click strange links or scan QR-codes ..have bluetooth/wifi/nfc on when not needed ..connect to unsecure free wi-fi, ever. ..don't use public USB loading stations (airports, malls etc). ..have sensible information on your phone/tablet.

do ..use encrypted device / sd-card ..use passphrase to lock the device screen ..use remote wipe/anti-theft service (most AV-vendors offer this) ..keep backups ..consider using a VPN service for those moments you can't avoid connecting to unsecure wi-fi.

That's it for starters.

Comment misleading (Score 5, Insightful) 155

So this is not about breaching phone numbers data that are set to private. This is about finding publicly published phone numbers through the normal search.

Meh. Phonebooks didn't even have privacy policies back in the day.

A more valid complaint might have been the ever changing default settings and user interface "improvements" which make finding the said settings very hard.

But even then, this is not really post-worthy.

Comment Re:seems a bit extreme (Score 3, Informative) 74

No. Citizenship is not tied to a physical object like passport.
The passport is property of government and can be revoked.

It's a standard method of trying to stop criminals from running - but it's not usually exercised for petty crimes (like the one Neij is wanted for). That's the only "extreme" bit about it, but I'm glad he got it back.


Submission + - Remote root exploit in Kindle Touch (

tero writes: "Developers at MobileRead forums have discovered a rather strange "feature" in Kindle Touch browser. It seems the browser includes a scriptable plugin which allows websites to execute code on the device. Naturally someone has found a way to execute shell commands — and by the looks of it everything is running with root privileges.
This opens potential for "drive-by" jailbreaking — or turning the devices into a global 3G botnet.
According to the thread Amazon is working on a fix."

Comment SlashBYE (Score 1) 339

Eh, that was just fucking horrible -

Yet another generic, non-technical, heavily sposored, buzzword-laden site trying to sell me that "Big Data Amplifies Need for Self-Service Business Intelligence"-bullshit.

The direction slashdot has been heading for a while has had me wondering more than once lately, but at least now I know I should take my pageviews somewhere else.

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