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Comment Re:Unscheduled != Emergency (Score 2) 95

You have a point in that the word "emergency" carries a connotation of a lot more imminent danger than the situation actually seems to have. A better term for this spacewalk might be "contingency spacewalk," which was a term NASA used for similar EVAs that might have to be performed on the Shuttle to save the Orbiter and/or its crew. Or, in Star Trek terms, it's a Yellow Alert, not a Red Alert.

Comment Re:They're Still SPAMMERS (Score 1) 303

The site wasn't always a malware site. I probably should have posted the Internet Archive link to it. The author there described receiving unsolicited commercial E-mail from Netflix, and I distinctly remember having also received unsolicited commercial E-mail from Netflix. This would have been in the early 2000s or thereabouts.

Comment Tie to Google Drive is probably a good sign (Score 2, Interesting) 205

The fact that Keep is tied to Google Drive is probably a good sign for its longevity. Google probably wrote it using the same APIs via which third-party applications use Drive to store data, and Drive appears sufficiently "core" to Google and a variety of other Google initiatives (Chrome OS and Android among them) that it'll stick.

Disclaimer: Part of my impression comes from having attended the Google Boulder Open House last night, where they gave presentations on the projects they run from the Boulder office, of which Drive is one.

Comment Re:MMO development may be (Score 1) 103

I've always thought that the way certain MMO games use cluster technology to support a massive single-instance world was pretty innovative. Second Life, for instance, uses a system where each 256m x 256m region of the world is mapped to a single server CPU core. (That's for "full" regions; the lighter-duty "homestead" regions get mapped four to a core.) EVE Online does something similar with its individual star systems, but more dynamically based on traffic in those systems. Certain heavily-trafficked systems, such as Jita and other trade hubs, get dedicated servers; other systems are shared among cluster nodes and "migrated" from node to node for load-balancing. There's even a means in place for alliances planning a major space battle to "reserve" dedicated nodes for the systems where the battle will be fought in advance. And now, they've even tied a second game into that same game world, DUST 514.

Comment Re:How long before... (Score 1) 255

If it really uses no code copied from Apple in the implementation, and the author just relied on Apple's own public documentation about their APIs, Apple wouldn't have a leg to stand on. The precedent for this was just established in Oracle v. Google, and the judge's ruling went into sufficient detail to let it be cited as precedent in any similar case.

Comment Re:"Bad news" (Score 1) 178

Why "bad news"? This is an excellent opportunity to get a second one...and give the original to someone who would appreciate it as a Christmas gift. Which is what I plan on doing...and it means ModMyPi will be getting more business, too, as I get another case for the new one.

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