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Comment Re:Oohh.. (Score 2) 415

"WRONG. This "judicial activism" stuff is crap. The courts are not suppose to blindly obey the laws congress passes. Haven't you heard of "checks and balances"? They, along with the president, are suppose to keep congress in check. Congress giving the courts "latitude" is irrelevant. The courts are suppose to strike down unjust laws (you know, things that violate the constitution)."

Where did the law validated violate the Constitution?

While I do NOT like this decision, it does seem Constitutional. Bad laws can be Constitutional, and still be BAD.


Comment Re:More to the Story? (Score 1) 493

I live in Tennessee. This is an unenlightened state, where they think that a homeowner can "defend" himself in his own home, using evil GUNS, of all things. Frankly, I am terrified living here. Who do these thugs think they are, trying to protect themselves from downtrodden Techs who are simply trying to relieve the stress of the job?

Comment Re:More to the Story? (Score 1) 493

Yeah, and verizon going into drooling CYA mode will not help them. If they were smart, they would have fired his ass right away and offered the guy he beat on something. Hell, a year of free service might have been enough. Now, VERIZON is getting a black eye in public, and looking like idiots who condone thuggish behavior by their Techs. Really makes ME want to get their service...

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