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Comment Re:Bank them (Score 1) 333

I humbly submit that, being in the healthcare field, you are seeing a higher concentration of misery than exists in the population-at-large.

How so? Unless you get shot or hit by a train, every single person who lives a normal lifespan and dies in America ends up in the hands of the healthcare industry. So in a sense, his sample of the "population at large" approaches 100%.

Comment Re:linux fail reality (Score 1) 148

I learned today why no sane company uses linux

Given that this is a desktop environment for FreeBSD, atop which PC-BSD is based, not Linux (it might also work on Linux, but I presume that's not the primary goal), that's not relevant to this article (and also involves labeling a large number of significant and successful companies "insane", but that's probably your intent).

Comment Re:Apple...Free (Score 1) 201

Unless there's a surfing spot at Yosmite that I'm not aware of, I doubt it.

Who at Apple said that the new naming convention is "California surfing sites" rather than "California locations"? We only have one data point so far, and that's insufficient to conclude that the locations will all be surfing sites (or named after dogs or located in San Mateo or Santa Clara county or...).

Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 113

With open-source software, a monoculture isn't that bad a thing, as the Heartbleed exploit has shown. When something bad is discovered, people jump on it immediately and come up with a fix, which is deployed very very quickly (and free of charge, I might add). How fast was a fix available for Heartbleed? Further, people will go to greater lengths to make sure it doesn't happen again. Look at the recent efforts to rewrite OpenSSL, and the fork that was created from it.

"It" in "it doesn't happen again" being "a monoculture"? If you have a monoculture, a fork destroys it unless a new monoculture forms from the fork (i.e., if the forked-from project loses most of its market share).

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