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Comment Re:Lesson One (Score 1) 213

The comment you posted will be visible only after a System Reboot. Reboot Now?

And you're absolutely certain those messages from Windows are the result of structural flaws in the NT kernel (rather than problems well above the kernel)? If not, that's the equivalent of saying whatever annoys you about {GNOME,KDE,whatever command-line shell you're using,etc.} on Linux is the fault of structural flaws in the Linux kernel.

Comment So, what else is new? (Score 0) 96

As I recall, when I was in high school the kids in the "national honor society" were a pack of left-wing ass kissers who made a habit of cheating on their tests and homework. It used to bug the shit out of me when the teachers and overseers would tell me that I should be docile and obedient like they were.


Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 2) 164

I'm not sure I agree with this.

For starters, the film 2001: A Space Odyssey was based on a short story by Arthur C. Clarke called "The Sentinel." Clarke wrote the novel at the same time the movie was being made, and it was actually released after the movie, so it's essentially an adaptation of the film and by no means essential to appreciating or understanding the film.

What's more, Kubrick has a track record for taking the material he is bringing to the screen and adding to it or taking it in new directions not expressed in the written work -- see The Shining, for example, which diverges from Stephen King's book wildly.

Kubrick's film should be enjoyed as a film. All these comments saying you need to read the book to understand it just sound like people who couldn't understand the movie and feel guilty about it, so they went and got the book from the library. Don't feel guilty. The film is designed to be a bit inscrutable and to inspire thought and debate.

Comment Re:'medium is the..." (Score 4, Insightful) 164

(honestly I haven't met anybody who doesn't fast forward through the draggiest parts to get to HAL)

Well, you haven't met me, but if you're talking about everything between the ape men and Discovery then those happen to be my favorite parts of the film. My absolute favorite scene, in fact, is when Heywood Floyd runs into the Russian scientists at the Pan Am lounge on the space station. And if you want to see why these scenes are absolutely essential to 2001, look no further than the film 2010, which completely fails to understand anything about the earlier movie and portrays the Heywood Floyd character -- and everybody else, for that matter -- as a bumbling incompetent who couldn't survive an airline flight to Greece, let alone an interstellar voyage.

Comment Re:Lesson One (Score 1, Informative) 213

The core of OSX is a Mach microkernel,

Nothing "micro" about it, sorry.

BSD sits on top of Mach.

And rather a lot of the programming interface for kernel modules, and the system call interface to the kernel, comes from the BSD part, not the Mach part.

OSX has an Unix personality but it isn't a proper one.

And what might be a "proper" personality for OS X? If you've actually looked at the bits atop the core OS (yes, I have), it's a combination of BSD calls and Mach messaging to other processes.

Comment Re:Lesson One (Score 1) 213

If you call 6 months substantially:

October 25, 1977 - V1.0 VAX-11/780, Initial commercial release March 9, 1978 - 1BSD May 1979 - 2BSD December 1979 - 3BSD with VAX support. ie. Virtual memory, etc. November 1980 - 4BSD

"1BSD" was an add-on to V6 UNIX (which was PDP-11 only), and 2BSD was also based on PDP-11 UNIX, so the "BSD" that contributed to OS X was more like 4.4-Lite, which dates back more to 4BSD and 3BSD than the PDP-11 BSDs..

Comment Re:What about Africa's most intelligent man? (Score 1) 137

Famous African mathematicians: ? ? ? ?

"Famous", dunno, but I also dunno how many significant mathematicians are famous.

I also don't know whether the guy whose doctoral thesis was "Mod-2 K-Theory of the Second Iterated Loop Space on a Sphere" should have been famous as a mathematician, but then again, I don't know what a "Mod-2 K-Theory of the Second Iterated Loop Space on a Sphere" is. Do you?

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