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French Court Orders ISP To Block Police Misconduct Website 178

Freddybear writes "A French court has ordered ISPs to block access to Copwatch Nord Paris I-D-F, a website designed to allow civilians to post videos of alleged police misconduct. French police unions applauded the decision. Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general of the APN, said that '[t]he judges have analyzed the situation perfectly—this site being a threat to the integrity of the police — and made the right decision.'"

Localizing Language In the Brain 79

RogerRoast writes "A new study by MIT scientists pinpoints areas of the brain used exclusively for language (PDF), providing a partial answer to a longstanding debate in cognitive science. According to the study, there are parts of our brain dedicated to language and only language. After having their subjects perform the initial language task, which they call a 'functional localizer,' they had each one do a subset of seven other experiments: one on exact arithmetic, two on working memory, three on cognitive control, and one on music; since these are the functions 'most commonly argued to share neural machinery with language.' The authors say the results don't imply that every cognitive function has its own dedicated piece of cortex; after all, we're able to learn new skills, so there must be some parts of the brain that are both high-level and functionally flexible."

Ask Slashdot: How To Ask For Equity In a Startup? 349

Uncrase writes "I'm a contract software developer, and have been working for a small startup for over a year now. Not a bad position to be in of course. The company consists of a handful of people, all of which (I believe) are contractors (by their own choice), however we're doing very very well and have a very significant revenue already. Call me greedy, but I've worked hard (as the main IT guy essentially) to get the company to where it is now, and of course get paid contractor rates for this. I would like to get some kind of equity (options) in this. The company is continuing to grow its operations and I am basically indispensible for the continuation of this growth. I'm definitely not planning in any way to force a hand, but I would like to know what could be a good way to approach this. I'd essentially like to ask for a raise — being a contractor — but in the form of equity. Any experience with this? Am I completely off here?"

Comment Re:as said before here many times (Score 1) 456

Noone is seriously pushing for Sharia law in Europe or the US. Not even Bin Laden was. Bin Laden has made his intentions pretty clear, although this has been willfully suppressed by US media. Just read the transcripts of Bin Laden's video speeches and you will understand what this conflict is all about. Take this one for example:

"Security is an important foundation of human life and free people do not squander their security, contrary to Bush's claims that we hate freedom."

"We fought you because we are free and because we want freedom for our nation. When you squander our security we squander your's."

Comment Re:as said before here many times (Score 1) 456

They don't hate us because we have freedoms. They hate us because we are currently free from them. So it would seem that "they hate us for our freedom" is not so moronic after all.

No, the islamic terrorists don't want a worldwide caliphate. They would be happy with a caliphate in the Middle East. They hate us because we are occupying their countries and messing with their politics for decades. They hate us because we take their freedom.


Sony Encourages Linux On Their Phones 212

neokushan writes "Sony has been in the news a lot lately — from the PSN downtime and the identity theft issue that came with it, to the numerous court cases launched to try and quell the PS3 hacking scene. It may come as a surprise to many, then, that Sony's mobile smartphone division has taken an almost polar-opposite approach — they're actively encouraging developers to create, modify and install customized Linux kernels into their latest lineup of phones, including the Xperia Play, the device that was once known as the 'PlayStation Phone.'"

Comment Re:An anonymous claim of skill? (Score 5, Funny) 72


"I should mention my age is 21"

"How smartass you are?"

"My orders will equal to CIA orders"

"I'm a GHOST"

"I'm unstoppable, so afraid if you should afraid, worry if you should worry."

"I did it one time, make sure I'll do it again" (reminds me of Steve Ballmer)

"RSA 2048 was not able to resist in front of me"


Java Creator James Gosling Hired At Google 229

jfruhlinger writes "Some months after leaving Oracle in a huff, father of Java James Gosling has joined Google. It's not clear what his job responsibilities will be there, but given some of his past statements about Google projects — that Android has no adult supervision, for instance — it will be interesting to see what develops."

Linus Goes Hollywood At Pre-Oscars Party 131

alphadogg writes "For those who feel like Linux and open source have been slighted by Tinseltown in the face of its embrace of Facebook and The Social Network, you'll be heartened to know that the Father of Linux, Linux Torvalds, and his wife Tove were among the beautiful people at Saturday's pre-Oscars Night Before Party in Beverly Hills. Torvalds blogged about the Oscars party experience Monday, recounting a series of awkward encounters with movie stars."

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