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Comment Re:"Cheap?" Who's still paying for chat apps? (Score 1) 242

thousands of bucks per GB cost of an SMS

I see the upside of SMS'es costing the sender money: it throttles the rate of incoming messages. I fear the day that the spammers figure out how to use Whatsapp for massive spam runs.

Too bad that here in Netherlands the telcos are moving to unlimited-SMS plans due to competition with Whatsapp...

Comment Re:Utterly irrelevant rubbish (Score 1) 417

From this and your earlier post:

tell me you are not this dumb! ... ridiculous ... If you are not a complete retard ... nutcase born-again Christian ... morons ... mathematically retarded and should be removed

Rational arguments could be more convincing than strong language and ad-hominem attacks.

Comment Re:Utterly irrelevant rubbish (Score 2) 417

Motor vehicles are behind about 15% all CO2 emissions.

True on a world-wide scale. However, in the US, 32% of CO2 emissions is from transportation. It's harder to find numbers on motor vehicles in the US, but the closest I get within 3 minutes of Google is almost a quarter of annual US emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). (...) The US transportation sector emits more CO2 than all but three other countries' emissions from all sources combined.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is no simple way to reduce CO2 emissions. Just saying "just cut all the CO2 sources except the my car, my airconditioning, and my incandescent bulbs" is a bit too easy.

Comment Re: Nonsense (Score 1) 348

I agree on a lot of things there, but let's skip 6-8 years ahead. 3D printing will have advanced. I'm thinking colors, shiny gloss, more rigid or more flexible plastics.

In my city, a non-profit organization runs two labs with 3D printers. I could see the next five years where people just select a part, then submit it to a queue at the lab. Next day, they pick it up. Easy peasy, and just like Visicalc it will sell itself, because it saves costs.

And then I'm not even mentioning that it is much more flexible. (select size, colors, gloss, weight, strength, etc.). I'm also not mentioning the possibility to print metals, which might also happen.

Comment Re: Nonsense (Score 1) 348

I'm pretty surprised that you think nothing is worth printing. There are products for which I feel the only important thing is the plastic shape itself. For instance, a dock for your mobile phone. Or a lunch box. A laptop case. A box to store your nuts and bolts. Models to paint, like model airplanes or tabletop game parts. Door handles. Spoons and spatulas for kitchen usage.

It's a pretty long list.

Comment Re:Hashed and salted is obsolete (Score 1) 80

I'm glad they aren't using MD5, but wish they were using at least SHA-256

What kind of security flaws do MD5 and SHA-1 have that are relevant for password hashing? As far as I understand, those weaknesses are about attackers who may specially craft pairs of messages (passwords) that have the same hash, not about constructing a message that will generate a given hash without prior knowledge of the message.

The main thing that matters is how much effort it is to find a password by brute force and in that sense, you should use no hash algorithm that is designed for computational efficiency (as explained by your bcrypt link).

That said: I used to have an encrypted home directory on a netbook with an Atom processor; the encrypted filesystem (ecryptfs) used some kind of slow hash function -- that would generate about 5 seconds delay upon login and even upon unlocking the screen. So, take it easy with those slow hash functions...

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 295

Because it's their passion, of course. I like a good fuck as any other guy, but a fuck is just a fuck. I have dreams that I want to fulfill, and they relate to work. Apparently your dreams relate to doing nothing.

Comment Re:Looks like no extra energy in batteries (Score 1) 244

Why don't you just carry an extra battery with you? I've got a Samsung Galaxy Gio and ordered an extra battery + external charger. Since these batteries are small and flat, I carry an extra one in my wallet.

If you've got a built-in battery, just buy a case with a built-in battery which you can switch on.

Comment Johnny come late (Score 0) 260

Unbelievable, what is wrong with Microsoft and consumer electronics? When all the really successful players just keep their mouths shut, and [i]after[/i] all the moderately successful companies start announcing their vaporware, only then, [i]only then[/i] Microsoft comes and and says "yeah yeah, we've been working on that too".

Yeah whatever.

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