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Comment Re:Slashdot. STAHP. (Score 3, Insightful) 63

You're right. I shouldn't get upset by people who choose to believe things that aren't true. I apologize.

I understand the definition of journalism you're using. However, I do not believe that it's necessary to be negative at all times.

In this case, Tim had a pleasant conversation with the CTO of a company that releases the software it develops for free, under the LGPL.

What should Tim do? Thunder "How dare you do that!?" at the man?

Re portmanteaus: Anybody can create one. For instance, I could coin "Slashcretin" to describe some of our less intelligent readers.

But since I am supposed to absorb abuse, but never supposed to react to it, I will not use the word "Slashcretins" to describe even the most foul-mouthed, ignorant Slashdot readers. (And no, you are not one.)

So have a nice day, and thank you for your input. :)

- Robin

Comment Re:Slashdot. STAHP. (Score -1, Troll) 63

FYI - none of these videos are paid ads. Also FYI: America's elected president wasn't born in Kenya and little blue men don't truck the sun around the earth on an invisible track every day.

Those who want to believe otherwise are free to do so, but that doesn't alter the facts. Sorry.

Comment Re:Can we have the old ./ back once SXSW is done? (Score 3, Informative) 109

A suggestion: Why don't you just skip the videos entirely?

You obviously either don't read or comprehend the intros, and only look at the videos (if you do) to sneer at them.

Looking at, just about anyone can see that you comment on Slashdot almost entirely to sneer at things; you are nearly 100% negative.

Note that a few noisy/obnoxious people dislike Slashdot videos, but 1000s & often 10s of 1000s of people seem to view and enjoy them.

If you want to go on being negative, that's up to you. But I strongly urge you to get a happier hobby for your own good.

Take care,

- Robin

PS - The videos aren't paid ads. You know that, right?

Comment Re:Can I be on Slashdot... (Score 4, Informative) 109

Tim makes most of the in-persona videos. I just edit and upload them. And neither of us take money (except from Slashdot) to make them.

Make an app or device that's amusing, cute, or both... and sure - we might make a video of it and you.

Not everything needs to be important. You don't like fun stuff?

Also: just because we like something doesn't make the story or video an ad.

I see that posts mostly negative or sneering comments.

Some of us enjoy being positive more than being negative.

Thanks for your input,

- Robin

Comment Re:Another quality SXSW Slashvertisement by Roblim (Score 3, Informative) 49

I don't do the in-person interviews. Tim does them. Here. Let me help you figure that out by repeating part of the first sentence of the summary: "Slashdot editor Tim Lord was wandering around SXSW and ran into a small display..."

See? "Tim." Nice guy. Really. I've known him for years. And no, he doesn't take money for doing those videos.

I am a part-time hourly worker who edits and uploads videos. No more and no less.

Still, let me apologize on Tim's behalf for having had something positive to say about something.

To you, that obviously means it's a paid ad. Right?

After all, you are just about 100% negative, based on your Slashdot comment-posting history:

Bunny, have you ever thought about getting a job or finding a girlfriend or at least finding something to be positive about once in a while?

If I can help, let me know.

- R

Comment Re:This post = spearphished-slashvertisement? (Score 1) 171

I have no idea. I did my editing & upload task and moved on to write a Cheap Computing column or something else not related to Slashdot.

I rarely if ever moderate, and it's obvious that I did not moderate any comments on this story because I'm posting comments on it.

It's entirely possible that other readers didn't like the false "it's an ad" accusations and moderated them down. Or it could have been one of the full-time editors. Got me. If I knew, I'd tell you.

The thing that always puzzles me on Slashdot is that there seem to be a few readers who believe every single piece must be interesting to them, as if there aren't hundreds of thousands of other Slashdot readers, each of whom has his or her own interests. I get bored with people whining about how this or that story doesn't interest them, as if we are using the Secrett Slashdott Mind Controll Thingie to force them to read every story and watch every video.

If something doesn't interest you, ignore it and move on. That's what I do. Unless, of course, you really believe Marco Rubio was born in Kenya and that the U.S. will be taken over by communist tea bagging libertarian aliens from Venezuela if you don't alert the world to this dread plot. Or something.

FYI - there are no such thing as video "slashvertisements." Tim or I (I do most of the remote interviews; he travels to events) pick video subjects with no input whatsoever from ad salespeople, Dice, the Koch brothers, my dog Terri, the NRA or Nancy Pelosi.

Believe this or not, as you wish, but it's true.

Comment Re:This post = spearphished-slashvertisement? (Score 1) 171

Here's the email exchange between admdrew and me:

From: Andy George
Sent: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 3:09 PM
Subject: Your Slashdot submissions


Why are you the only Slashdot editor that submits your own content, instead of submissions from readers? It's like you're treating Slashdot as your marketing blog, which only serve to degrade the quality of the site. I'm a long-time reader and commenter who has never seen this level of consistent slashvertising before.


I'm paid by the hour to edit and post videos that are mostly shot by Tim Lord. He picks the subject matter.

None of them are paid ads.

BTW, my real, daily-read email address is

I only saw this email because you mentioned it in a comment on /.

Now and then I do a remote video interview on my own steam. They are almost always with topic experts. Tomorrow's, for example, is with someone who built a billion-dollar company with mostly remote employees. He's a smart guy, and if you either work as a programmer or in IT or would like to one day, the information he's sharing with us is totally worth knowing.

Of course, if this sort of thing doesn't interest you, please don't watch the video or read the transcript.

Thanks for your input,

- Robin

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