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Comment Re:I want that third alternative! (Score 1) 338

AC should be modded up, not on the validity of the article but for recognizing this is not a black and white situation. Internet access should be placed on par with phones and electicity: Privately owned but state regulated. (And yes, states don't do perfect jobs with those two industries but it is much preferable to the oligarchy now present.)

Comment Re:Actual thought process (Score 1) 271

But if you were thinking that Obama was going to be blamed for the existence of a problem that has been around since 1945 you might have a distorted view of Fox News, and are confusing their opinion segments with the news segments.

They have news segments? Every time I've watched it's been a panel of pundits yacking... Praytell when do they actually report only news and not urinate all over it with their opinions?

Comment I wonder how much damage... (Score 1) 285

...would be done to the U.S. economy by having the U.S. Federal Government migrate away from Microsoft to an open-source solution.

(And please, not a Microsoft shill or apologist here - I use OpenOffice at home and enjoy it and wish I could implement it at work. I don't like the economy of the United States hinging on continued government spending, either. But OTOH, you can't tell me that ditching Microsoft wouldn't have some pretty serious economic consequences and we're in the mess we're in.)

Comment Re:So other than those ten (Score 1) 33

How many times do they do it a week without all that official authorization stuff?

If they use them in criminal investigations the usage eventually becomes part of the public record when entered into evidence. Using them for search and rescue ought to be non-controversial enough. "National Security" is of course the grey area, though there's a fair amount of overlap between National Security and criminal prosecutions, for offenses like espionage or terrorism, so a lot of that use would eventually make it into the public record as well.

While used in the context of how an investigation begins, it really applies to any investigation step which would otherwise be fruit of the poisonous tree.

And some thought that using military troops on the border just for support activities of law enforcement was a good thing that would have no other repercussions. A better question would be: Who actually OPERATED the drones, 'cause I doubt the FBI has a special drone-operating unit. (13 uses in 8 years?) Yet.

Comment Re:WTF?? (Score 1) 798

I don't understand how this is "wiretapping" - no *wires* were being tapped, this was a recording of a face to face conversation.

Good. That means you can never dial me up, as I doubt your phone has a dial.

You cannot mail me, because the post on the side of the road isn't there.

And you must be jobless since you'll never be able to punch the clock.

Comment Simple to Correct (Score 1) 632

If it is one sentence that was added. Write one sentence into whatever bill reinstating it. Easy, right politicians? Right? Hello? And also, force every bill to be created/amended in a Wiki system where edit histories are visible, so that we can clearly understood who it was that slipped the one sentence in.

Comment MDs? Useful? (Score 1) 737

Most of what MDs do is not useful without the entire medical economic structure behind them. "You've got these symptoms, which means I think you've developed this condition, and now I'll prescribe you this drug. Oh, wait, there are no drug makers making that drug, so take two Aspirin and call me in the morning. Oh, wait, Aspirin isn't available and there are no phones available." And most forms of surgery, beyond the most crude... well, let's see how well you heal without antibiotics and the other plethora of devices. Most scientists and engineers: Same category. They can't practice their professions without computers anymore. (And more essentially, electricity.) Give me an expert in medieval gymel who has primitive camping as a hobby over the most polished expert in medicine who's never eaten with an unsterilized spoon, any day of the week.

Comment Not a "Parental Choice" issue (Score 2) 588

Or rather, to vaccinate or not is a decision lying at the intersection of parental rights vs. right of the general public to live in a world as disease-free as possible. It matters not why the parent doesn't feel vaccination is a proper course of action for the child. Ultimately, by force what matters is the right of the people to determine what sort of society we want to be living in.

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