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Comment Well, the answer is simple... (Score 1) 89

a failure to include OOXML 'will cause problems for citizens and businesses who use office suites which don't support ODF, including many people who do not use a recent version of Microsoft Office or, for example, Pages on iOS and even Google Docs.'

So, Microsoft is then admitting that their products cannot save into free standard formats, then. Me, I'm all for stepping back a decade and a half: Make the document standard RTF only. That should support any old or new word processor (and any new word processor that won't do RTF should not deserve the name...) And it would let the UK government kiss off having to use Microsoft products, too. I'm sure there is a reason why that's impractical, and maybe even a good one which doesn't involve Microsoft poisoning the IT world. But what would it be?

Comment Re:NSF is report NOT flawed if you bother to read (Score 1) 326

It is much more revealing to see how many people (Americans, whatever,) find that any field of endeavor can be, "sort of scientific." Why not ask Americans how many people are, "sort of pregnant?" I usually believe in a world of grey, and I do understand that some disciplines can use elements of the scientific method without being "science," maybe. While I'm on that track, for those who responded, "sort of scientific," did they attempt to find out what that person's concept of "sort of" entails? Utilizing elements of it, or simply resembling being scientific? Anyway, design a survey which is false to fact, one cannot expect truthful results. Garbage in, garbage out applies to survey design as well as the scientific method.

Comment Fuck beta boycott. Fuck King instead. (Score 1) 251

Yeah, I'll be candy-assed enough to admit I had it on my iPhone. An enjoyable diversion for the 'I'm too brainded for anything else,' times.

After the initial trademark story broke, I deleted it from my phone. Yep, King, you might not feel my tiny backlash, but I'm never downloading another of your games again.

Anyone else do the same thing? (And, btw, I'm fucking amused to be able to fucking say I'm trying to Fuck King.)

Comment Meh, and you covered the Central US When? (Score 1) 290

I'm rather sick and tired of every East Coast issue causing major headline news, while the Midwest gets basically ignored. We've been having the worst winter in memory in Central Illinois, at least 3 major storms and manyl days of uncharacteristic sub-zero arctic weather. Since January. Forgive me if I don't find this story interesting at all. And no offense to you on the East Coast, and not intended to mean things like snow in the South/Southeast.

Comment You Don't, Part 2 (Score 1) 384

Consider this:

There are reason[s] why the idiot is in the position the idiot occupies. You may not agree with the reasons, you may not be able to work with the person, but you are a consultant and not internal.

And there are reason[s] you are the consultant there. It is doubtful that one of those reasons is because you need to pass judgment on that idiot, or that the employer wants your opinion about that person's competence.

So, suck it up and deal. If the idiot is truly an idiot, let their management discover it and handle it. If you are truly competent, you will either find a way to work with the person anyway, work around that person, or find a politically expedient way to exit the contract you're on in such a way it doesn't discredit you. Such is the life of a consultant. And, if you don't like that, then get hired as an internal somewhere, be exposed to the full office politics etc. and try to keep surviving... and you may become the same idiot you're complaining about.

People with technical prowess... are readily available out there. People with good people skills... are readily available out there. What makes a person truly valuable is to possess technical prowess plus the people skills. And if you had that, this question wouldn't have been asked. But good luck, as I'm still learning the fine arts of both of those, too!

Comment Re:If this argument had any legal standing (Score 1) 377

If this argument had any legal standing it would present it in court not in the media. IMHO it is just another example of the Assange's egotism and narcissism

And if the legal investigation had any legitimacy it would have been buried years ago. I find it hard to believe that a prosecutor, anywhere, anywhen, would invest this amount of time and effort in an attempt to investigate a borderline rape complaint across borders, where the complainants are shaky etc. Lovely to think there would be agencies and bureaucrats so dedicated to justice that they'd dog every rape allegation in such fashion. But the world don't work that way. Unless, of course, they have some other reason for having a hard-on for Assange.

So, if it was your ass in the crack, you'd just fly back to Sweden, then. You wouldn't try to use whatever channels you have access to, to call in the world to view the bullshit?

Comment Re:China is ascending (Score 1) 131

Speaking to the article quoted, any rocket which can achieve orbit can be used as a military missile with a warhead or satellite of the same payload size/specs, and almost any imaging system which can be pointed at space or a planet can be pointed at ours. So, maybe the surprise should be that individual scientists are allowed to cooperate at all internationally given there is a genuine national security interest (as opposed to "OMG! Turrerists!") And yes, NASA (and their predecessors) had a very steep learning curve. Rather amazing that China achieved the landing and roving at all on the first go-round. Definitely hard to establish a full robotic mission with a 265,000 mile round trip. Makes me conder what the successors (if any) will do.

Comment Re:Slashdot will hate me for saying this. (Score 1) 202

No, I most sincerely would like to think I am an heir of Patrick Henry. And John Paul Jones.

However, I am also just anal, nitpicky, and realistic enough to know that the War of Independence was also (and quite likely primarlily) fought over economic terms. Ye rich landholders doth determined yonder far land wast cutting into the most sacred profits of landholders, and without ye rich landholders having the influence so desired and required in the halls of Parliament.

Now that we havest our Independence, such as it be for a land incredibly more crowded than in 1775 and so different economically as to have been on a different planet.... has not the flavor of that freedom changed? Must it not be so that today's current equivalent to the landholders interests are like protected? Such that we peons who pullest the 9 to 5 or equivalent continue to enjoy our ability to own iPads and freely expend our resources on high speed Internet and frozen yoghurts?

Truly, I'm not saying you're wrong. But first show me a better method to prosecute those who would perpetuate suicide bombings than going up to people and asking, "Are you Taliban?" and arresting those who say Yes. Show us a way to be both secure and free, for there are those who desire to eat their cake and have it too.

Comment Re:was it justified? (Score 1) 253

No, actually I can't see a more appropriate response. After the EPA and other agencies looked at his data and rejected it, the scientific debate was over. If Hayes wanted to make more contributions as a scientist, the only way to do it would have been to produce more scientific results.

Not speaking to Hayes per se, but I'm sure that the Roman Catholic church considered Copernicus and Galileo's debate over after publishing their decrees. How lucky we are that the universe continued to be the way it is instead of the way people thought about it. There certainly is some point where scientific debate ends, but not when Authority Says It Does. That really is the province of organized religion and politics, friend, not science.

Comment Nice Turfing (Score 1) 74

A) VERY few EHR/EMR systems are capable of talking to one another. It is not "still" a problem. It is a very fundamental problem, caused by a Federal Government deciding to offer a candy free-for-all to data companies under the guise of physican reimbursement for Meaningful Use of Certified EHR systems.... then the Government deciding "eh, we'll write the interchange standards later." B) Much better to have a patient fill out new paperwork with every provider every time, than to input data entered incorrectly elsewhere that ends up killing a patient, no? So you *still* would have to verify your information and why would a provider trust you'll really look at all that paperwork in review. You write it now, you wrote it now. C) It's a system solution to a human problem - ensuring accurate information and not just convenient or timely information.

Comment Why HVAC contractor has network access (Score 2) 232

Either A) some IM, email, or trouble ticket system, or B) remote setting of network enabled thermostats and diagnostics of HVAC units remotely. And the submitter can't think of that? Then why post it. And why not segregate the payment system? Uh, cause that costs money to do, and PCIDSS is a fucking stupid thing 99% of the time. It is only used to blame retailers instead of making the Vendors and Card companies design and ensure airtight security, as it should be. Does make one wonder why any retailer POS system should travel on the Intertubes and networkable systems, though, instead of fixed landline. (Yeah, unrealistic, but if the credit card industry won't man up and take responsibility then maybe that's what they should be relegated to.)

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