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Comment EEG (Score 2, Informative) 58

If they can use this for EEGs that would certainly make life a whole lot less miserable for those of use who have small kids with idiopathic epilepsies where you do a lot of 24 hour EEG sessions. (Yes, it's a hassle to deal with a 18 month old who likes to be everywhere and hates the electrodes that are stuck to his head with some disgusting white paste.)

Comment The old fart response (Score 1) 604

Feel free to ignore this little piece of advice but:

why would you want to do that? Seriously? Sure you could probably pull something better together but you have to dislodge your previoys employer (and even if they would lose in court spending time on a court case is not only costly but pure death to business). Ideas are cheap, the ability to turn ideas into reality is expensive. If you have a group that can build stuff then build new, better and interesting stuff instead. Building a marginally better spoon is not the way to happiness.


Submission + - IAMCP threatens legal action over OOXML (

dread writes: The swedish section of the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners) have announced internally that they intend to take legal action against SIS (Swedish Standards Institute) over the OOXML standardisation debacle earlier this fall. And if they didn't look like assholes before they sure do now. First they avoided the democratic process, then they tried to buy the vote and when that was stopped they threaten legal action against SIS. Nice scare tactics.

Feed Climate Change Signal Detected In The Indian Ocean (

The signature of climate change over the past 40 years has been identified in temperatures of the Indian Ocean near Australia. “From ocean measurements and by analysing climate simulations we can see there are changes in features of the ocean that cannot be explained by natural variability,” said CSIRO oceanographer Dr Gael Alory.

A Conversation with Cory Doctorow and Hal Stern 41

ChelleChelle writes "In a rare meeting, popular sci-fi writer and co-editor of the blog Boing Boing Cory Doctorow and Sun VP Hal Stern consider the open source approach. The resulting interview deals with the pros and cons of going open source, as well as the issues of security and privacy. From the article: 'It seems to me that one of the big problems with the filters you've just identified is who gets to set policy in the machine. As a science fiction writer, I am offended by sci-fi movies where it turns out that the rocket ship has a self-destruct button, it has been pressed by accident, and now the whole thing is going to explode. ... By the same token, I often wonder whether trusted computing architectures that allow remote parties to enforce policy on your hardware are a good idea. Although we can imagine beneficent examples of this, this is what spyware is, by definition, right? Spyware is remote parties setting policies on your computer against your wishes. Is it ever a good idea?'"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Verizon shareholders OK 'say on pay'

netbuzz writes: "While a majority of Verizon shareholders have expressed their desire to have a say in determining executive compensation — the company provided $21.3 million to CEO Ivan Seidenberg last year without their input — it doesn't appear likely that their recommendations will be heard without first putting up more of a fight. However, shareholder voices in general are starting to rise more often on this extremely contentious matter. 2"

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