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Comment Re:what you need them for? (Score 1) 306

Not just kids. Some people have managed to go for decades as cowboys, hacking crap together that barely works but doing it fast enough and visibly enough and in the critical path often enough that they always look like heroes. The worst is when they start believing their own bullshit and stop acknowledging that any other way exists. See also: Asshole Driven Development.

Comment Re:Living in 1925 kinda sucked (Score 1) 516

"We need things to cost less"

Take a look at the prices of consumer goods from 50 years ago. Stuff was *expensive*. Example: A friend of mine showed me an ad from a discount store in 1960 advertising basic two-slice toasters for $8.88. That's a little over $70 in today's dollars. The day he showed me that, you could buy a basic two-slice toaster from Target for $7.99. That's a little under $8.00 in today's dollars.

The only things that really need to cost less are health care, housing and education, the costs of which have risen faster than the CPI for decades.

Comment It's not just gifted/not gifted (Score 1) 529

People talk about "gifted" kids as if they're simply a normal kid turned up to eleven. Our school system has a pretty good program for those kids (and they're also good at filtering out the normal kids who have whip-cracking tiger parents). Where they completely vapor-lock is when they're presented with a kid who's gifted in some areas, but normal or even below normal in others. My daughter is in the gifted class but also has an IEP. You'd think her teachers were trying to accommodate a silicon-based methane-breathing life form. It's not that they're not willing to try, it's that there's no pigeonhole already there, so they don't know what to do, and they have to make it up as they go along, all the while dealing with the entrenched bureaucracy.

Comment Re:Good luck. (Score 1) 983

It also matters why he's backing it up. If it's primarily for disaster recovery, you would use a different strategy from what you'd use to deal with accidental deletion. Snapshots a almost always sufficient for the latter.

Comment Re:Exactly what we need. (Score 1) 606

Less traffic in the suburbs? In what country? In US suburbs, nobody can take public transportation anywhere, so the streets and highways are choked with single-occupancy cars. The transit infrastructure is all about getting from the inner suburbs to the city center. Suburb-to-suburb commuting by public transit means turning a 30-minute drive into a three hour trip downtown and back.

Back when the transit systems were designed, they never anticipated the commuting patterns we have today.

Also, reverse commuting isn't just for hipsters. Outer-ring suburbs are too expensive for low-wage workers.

Comment Re:When I hear "I work 60 hours a week"... (Score 1) 717

I did that too, at the last startup I worked for. After months of 100-hour weeks, a 60-hour week *did* feel like a breeze. And that's how I knew how messed up I'd become and that it was time to get out. That was ten years ago. No more startups (or pretend startups) again, ever.

I work 40 hours a week unless *I* feel like putting in extra time on a particularly fun assignment, and I'm happily pissing away all those extra hours by having a life instead of killing myself to make other people richer.

Comment Because a builder is a contractor... (Score 1) 716

Very simple - if a builder's EMPLOYEE puts a bug in the wall, the BUILDER pays to fix it, NOT the employee, who still gets his pay, and the builder bids/quotes the job on a flat rate
The developer, IF he owns his own company, says "I'll develop XXX for $YYY", then yeah, he's on the hook for the bug, but his employee still gets paid by the hour

It has to do with the difference between being an employee vs the owner

Want to pay me like an owner? OH, OK, so you are hiring me with a flat rate to do the job, not by the hour? No problem, I'll bid the job as such, and take out insurance, just like that contractor has

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