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Comment Re:The incredible irony of.. (Score 1) 353

I've wondered about this with regard to call centers. There are stories of call centers where you aren't on the clock until you sit down and log in at your terminal, regardless of how long it takes from the time you enter the employer's premises to get to your terminal. That can be the same amunt of extra unpaid time each day that this lawsuit describes.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 289

Very true. When CD-ROMs first came out, 650MB was unfathomably huge, in that era where PCs had 1-2MB of RAM and hard disks were in the 10-20MB range. Blu-Rays have about 50GB of space, but PCs have 8-16GB of RAM and 1-2TB disk drives. They'll presumably have the same durability that optical discs have always had, but they're not going to be able to back up a typical person's data without using multiple media. That means either manual disc switching, or jukeboxes that are either expensive or mechanically flimsy.

They're talking about the end of 2015. Even if they meet that schedule (unlikely--they may get the technology developed, but you still have to allow a few years for everybody to finish suing each other), they would still need to be something like 3-5TB to be useful as backup media.

Just being able to stuff all eight Harry Potter Blu-Rays on one disc isn't enough justification for Yet Another Disc Format.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 452

The problem, aesthetically, is that it's a giant flat slab in the middle of the center console. A few smaller displays on a better-sculpted console would look a lot more appropriate for a $90,000 car. Nevertheless, my friend who's owned one for almost a year loves his.

Comment Re: Relevance to programmers? (Score 1) 641

Having been both a programmer and a janitor, I can say that cleaning toilets isn't that bad of a job, and vacuuming floors is a lot nicer of a gig that a lot of jobs in that wage bracket.

Simple reason: no PHBs. You might get someone who cracks the whip harder and harder, but that's much easier to deal with than the idiocy that PHBs in tech make you suffer through. Janitor bosses are usually idiots, but they don't think they're geniuses. As long as you show up on time and not drunk or stoned, and nobody on your run ever complains, they leave you alone. Hell, when nobody complains, they may let the stoned bit slide.

Comment Re:Short Term Thinking? (Score 1) 305

So was my grandfather. He became an optician by answering an ad in the paper: "Opticians wanted. No experience necessary; will train."

Compare that to a typical job requisition today. It's kind of the inverse of CV padding. The list of must-haves is so long that no five mortals or two gods could meet them all.

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