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Comment Re:Ellsberg got a fair trial (Score -1, Troll) 519

Not because they didn't want to imprison him; it was due to an activist judge who held that there was such evidentiary misconduct that the case was dismissed.

I happily consumed ~99% of your post. The ~1% (activist judge) I was able to gobble down, but it generated a nasty fart. My wife, and - more importantly - my dog, curse you.

Comment Compelled to disclose intimate details? (Score 1) 294

You mean some federal SWAT-types are gonna bust down my door and force me at gunpoint to fill out a form? Answer intimate questions like "boxers or briefs?", "pink or stink?", or perhaps even (gasp) "paper ot plastic?" OH NOES!!!

Oh wait..."compelled" means that CoreLogic (the corporation that already has all my mortgage data) wants to sell the data to the CFPB. Mmmm...doesn't look like much in the way of compellin goin on. No SWAT Team for me, then.

Comment Re:They're doing it wrong (Score 1) 193

That's nice. After all, what does it take to pause something, and close a popup these days? 8 seconds, 10 seconds? Apparently that's too much effort.

That is nice, isn't it? But you're repeating yourself.

I've long been in the habit of quickly bouncing off sites that use annoying advertising tactics like Personally, I wouldn't link to such a site in this or any other forum. But that's just me. You obviously feel differently.

In any case, the FACT that Andrew Breitbart was an ideological blowhard had nothing to do with my comment to your post. I just don't like douchey sites that pull that kind of cheap advertising crap.

Why are you using the internet without an adblocker anyway? Besides pure laziness.

Not that it's any of your business, but on my personal devices I DO use an adblocker. This might come as a shock to you, but sometimes folks access the internet on computers they don't own. It just so happens that I was using my sister-in-law's laptop when I followed that link you posted. The fact that you so quickly resorted to an insult without considering that possibility says way more about the rigor of your thinking than mine.


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