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Comment Lots of Data (Score 1) 183

IceCube and Amanda (among many other experiments) have been running for many years collecting data on neutrino flux. Archeological digs have been dating many objects over the same period of time. With the sheer amount of data available, it seems like it should be straightforward (perhaps not easy) to answer this question.

The article lists a reason for mistrusting the data as "the researches didn't take the data themselves." That's often the case in science!

I do agree though, with great changes in physics comes great responsibility to collect a lot of data. Of course, everyone has the same data available to them... if you're pretty damn confident, then it makes sense to get the results out there so that you can get a lot more eyes looking at the data.

(I'll be over here in my corner trying other permutations of "with great ___ comes great ___." I'll report back soon.)

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