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Comment Re:Obviously not for kids. (Score 1) 73

I call BS on that number.

Not once have I ever been asked who I'm purchasing a game for (my 7 year old daughter, birthday presents for cousins, friends kids, etc).

Not once have I ever been carded when buying a game or asked for my age.

Not once have I ever seen or taken a survey asking me questions along these lines.

So where are they getting their numbers from?

How many kids do you know that don't play video games?

How many pre-teens, tweens and teens do you see taking survey's?

If the survey was done online, was it a site that pre-teens, tweens and teens surf often?

If the average gamer is 30 then why has Nintendo cornered the market with "kiddie" games?

You could point out how well M rated games sell, and I could point out a lot of parents who purchase those games for their teenagers.

Why does everybody on here always complain about all the young teens on x-box live and other online services?

If the average gamer was 30 wouldn't most the people on those services be 30 and not 14?

I could go on forever.

I bet there are as many kids from age 3 to 17 that play games as there are 18 to 32 year olds.

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