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Comment 8 hours a day (Score 1) 533

I spend 8 hours a day loving what I code in c++. When I leave work I generally focus on my hobbies like writing news for competitive gaming. If I leave work with a problem unsolved sometimes I'll think it through while I'm driving. Long story short, I love code development at work and couldn't imagine a job without it. That's always been enough for my employers.

Comment Bring back the NES Track matt! (Score 2) 129

Nothing has given me a better work out then running on that old NES track matt and the one I own is still function. The best part is, when you get tired or can't run fast enough you get on your knees and start smacking the pad with your hands for that extra boost. It's been 20 years now but I'm sure I'll finally beat cheetah this time!

Comment Nasa must ensure that Petitioner appears as rst (Score 1) 140

From the article "If the organism is biological, NASA must publicly acknowledge that the discovery was made by the Petitioner and must ensure that Petitioner appears as rst author on and has nal editorial approval of the rst 6 scientic articles published or submitted for publication by NASA employees which discuss and present this discovery." I hope this turns into something awesome, but it seems in his claim that he will get credit for the discovery even though NASA discovered the object first. I guess it's deserved if NASA really did overlook an object that proves monumental.

Comment Temple Run is next. (Score 1) 71

Next we will learn that temple run is a real time simulation of the public running from NSA agents. Just wait till we get to see the real monster hidden in side of the one chasing you when the mask is taken off. Seriously though, this sucks for Rovio. Someone in the media clearly had an agenda in causing bad publicity for them. Couldn't they have just chosen any app at random and accused them of this. I seriously doubt Rovio is conducting meeting with the NSA on what information they will share.

Comment Really good for the comminity (Score 2) 96

As someone who really wants Starbow(the popular sc1bw/sc2 hybrid) to succeed, there were certain limitations preventing the developers from taking this MOD past beta. Now that they have the tools this could become a real challenger for HoTs(and LotV) when the final chapter is released. Competition for the best modern RTS to play may really force blizzards core design team to step up and make SC2 source the top competitive game. (/wishes)

Comment Anticipating the new scare in mainstream media (Score 3, Funny) 39

Global Dusting! "'Really early galaxies are incredibly dusty and this dust plays a major role in the evolution of galaxies,' Our next goal is to create a vacuum large enough to slow down global dusting and the creation of new galaxies. Sources cite that Spaceballs has offered their maid services for a fair price.

Comment It's quiet, too quiet... (Score 1) 229

This is one of a few good steps AT&T is finally taking to get their business back on track. Now all we can do is wait to see how they back stabbed us with something secretive. This is classic misdirection. Well played sirs, but two can play this game. I'm going to do the opposite of what you want and renew my two year contract.

Submission + - Bitcoin Vs Paypal In Court

InPursuitOfTruth writes: According to TerraHasher on BitcoinTalk,.org, PayPal is discriminating against sellers of Bitcoin related items. TerraHasher claims to have a recording of a PayPal manager saying, "well its all the same and bitcoin is direct competition with paypals business model therefore we do not condone, anything bitcoin related." After describing a pattern of PayPal repeatedly holding funds possibly explained by this bias against Bitcoin related sellers, he lawyer-ed up and is preparing to file suit against PayPal. This brings up a question. Is BitPay, with over 15,500 merchants in December, the next PayPal?

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