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Comment Transport in (for) London. (Score 1) 187

There has been a quiet revolution in real-time public transport information in London (UK) also.

Transport for London has equipped all buses with real-time GPS and this info is available via web and SMS.

Apparently they are looking for third-party developers to use their APIs but I've not seen anything yet.

Here's how to find when the next bus is coming:

Since most ticketing is now electronic (the Oyster card system) there is also live info an nearly all the millions of passengers; at the Transport Museum they have some displays showing this off.

Comment Re:Not exactly. (Score 5, Interesting) 728

Thank you Kupfernigk, spot right on!

Sadly we now have a government composed of these aristo thugs. Americans can understand the class system intellectually but you have to have grown up in it to really appreciate its demonic force & antiquity. The 'old boy network' (and it is boys not girls) is alive & well and still runs post-imperial Britain with the same self-centred blinkers & mealy-mouthed hypocracies.

The sad thing about the Turing criminal case is that it was he who volunteered the information that he had a gay relationship to the police; this was in the course of reporting a burglary at his home; he was such an innocent, lovely man.

Comment Re:"XP" - Love it. (Score 1) 471

I run a fully updated XP Pro on an 8 year old IBM T41 & it's stable as a rock. I have my cellphone connected via bluetooth & a bluetooth earpiece on another bluetooth connection for Skype or music. VPN tunnelling through a USB dongle internet connection. It just works.

I once 'fixed' an XP Pro machine (an old Dell) by pulling one of the two 64MB RAM cards which was bad. XP Pro booted into 64MB of RAM with no difficulty, though it did thrash pagefile.sys. It ran Word and connected to the internet no problems.

Like to see Windows 7 do that.

Comment Re:Lots of interesting angles (Score 1) 269

A story on Turing could exploits a lot of interesting angles. He's an important figure in computer science AND in cryptography. His most prestigious work was done with WWII in the backdrop, and helped the allies tremendously. Finally, he has the total romantic yet misunderstood hero story - his contribution was a war secret, he was condemned for his homosexuality by the state he helped so much, and died a Plato death.

There's a kickass script to be made out of that.

Oh and DiCaprio is a fine choice. Great actor, versatile enough to pull it out and to let the character be the story.

Spot on, plus the Cambridge (England) angle, work in some spies, I think it's a fine project. Robert Harris did an excellent job with "Enigma". Tried to mod up the post above but don't know how.

Comment Research the business. (Score 1) 735

My experience is that if the market you are working in is expanding rapidly, then changing companies is the way to go. I quadrupled my salary in three years changing companies four times, OK, this was computer field trouble-shooting in the oilfield in the Far East, in the boom times of the 1970s (HP & DEC minis). These were US companies & I actually returned to one after leaving them, there were no hard feelings, they knew they were lucky to get me back.

Much later I had to re-enter the same business during a fairly static period, things weren't going down, they were just not expanding. I felt I was lucky to get the job I was offered & stuck with it for four years until I had a consultancy offer, which I took, the consultancy business in that field was expanding & starting to use personal computers... was a good move then.

My point is you have to look at what is happening in the market/business you have your core skill set in. If the new company needs you to bird-dog a project & that project sells but not that well, as last in you might be first out. Let alone if that project bombs.

Don't generalise & do your research.

Comment Just make both available! (Score 1) 235

Videopress, the video hosting arm of Wordpress, offers main video encoding in h.264 & also an Ogg Theora view or download option, both are available.

If you have a free blog, you can buy Videopress & once you've uploaded your video to the Wordpress Blog, play the stream in any other web site with a Flash player. Gets around the Youtube 15 minute limitation as well.


Submission + - Are you safer on the freeway than the hospital? (

NicknamesAreStupid writes: Many reports have shown that you are safer on America's road than in their hospitals (based on reported accidents due to errors). Now the SF Chronicle reports that Stanford University hospital "accidentally left its emergency patient records open on the web for a year." Is your medical history at risk as much as you are? Uh, well. Of course, Stanford had nothing to do with it, one of their contractors is to blame (according to the article). That makes it okay, right?

Submission + - Microsoft Office365, Hotmail Blacks Out Worldwide (

aesoteric writes: "Microsoft has suffered a major outage that is impacting services including Office365, Windows Live, Hotmail, Live@edu and MSN worldwide. The outage, which has been going for about an hour, has been confirmed by Microsoft who say they are working on a fix. Early speculation has linked it to a major blackout affecting Southern California although this has not been confirmed."

Submission + - Mozilla issues do-not-track guide for advertisers ( 1

angry tapir writes: "Mozilla has issued a Do Not Track Field Guide to encourage advertisers and publishers to implement do-not-track (DNT) functionality. The guide contains tutorials, case studies and sample code to illustrate how companies use the DNT technology. Mozilla aims to inspire developers, publishers and advertisers to adopt DNT and wants to put the control over Internet tracking into the hands of users. The browser maker wants to put a stop to behavioral targeting and pervasive tracking on the Web. The guide can be found here (PDF)."

Comment Anime Sprawl Trilogy Series + Beeb Radioplay. (Score 1) 334

I'd go for a 26 episode anime "Sprawl Trilogy" series made by someone like Gainax under the supervision of someone like Shirow Masamune ... my final fantasy.

There is an excellent two part Radio adaption of Neuromancer made by the BBC in 2003, it's been updated to have email which jarred when I heard it, but is a faithful & well-written & produced radio adaptation.

If you like audio books you'll love it "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." Oh yeah, best first line of a scifi novel EVER!

Comment Re:Sounds a little low, but... (Score 1) 269

I'd be willing to bet that there is a 'core' of people on tpb and others that represent a bulk of the trusted content. I, like many others, tend to download off of tpb from the 'trusted' uploaders most of the time. Coincidentally, those also tend to the the torrents with the most seeders and leechers. When you factor in the fact that many of the big torrent sites mirror to the same torrents, this really doesn't sound too far fetched. Again, I think the 100 number is a little low, though...

I assume most of these "trusted uploaders" (like eztv on tpb for example) aren't individuals but a loose-knit group of people who know each other through the internet. Good luck taking a group like that down, it might be spread over a dozen countries or more.

Yes indeed - and they (the groups) largely communicate by irc, which as well as being a text channel can also offer downloads, surprisingly fast, though popular items tend to have a queue of waiting clients for the file.

One wonders .... they certainly could have usefully monitored several other sites & there are some massive private trackers.

And in my opinion the main revenue source for torrent sites (not uploaders) is Paypal donations, but since I use Adblock I never see the ads anyway.

Comment Tooting Bec, London, UK. (Score 1) 721

Tooting Bec is my local underground station in South London and they have been playing classical music in the foyer / ticket hall for several years.

The sound quality is good. The volume level is reasonable.

I asked one of the staff whether he enjoyed the music and he said 'some of it' & he also said that it kept young people from loitering.

Next time I will try and find out more on London Underground (a part of Transport for London) policies on noise and social exclusion.

Personally I enjoy the few seconds of classical music I hear as I stroll down to the escalators.


Breaking the Squid Barrier 126

An anonymous reader writes "Dr. Steve O'Shea of Auckland, New Zealand is attempting to break the record for keeping deep sea squid alive in captivity, with the goal of being able to raise a giant squid one day. Right now, he's raising the broad squid, sepioteuthis australis, from egg masses found in seaweed. This is a lot harder than it sounds, because the squid he's studying grow rapidly and eat only live prey, making it hard for them to keep the squid from becoming prey themselves. If his research works out, you might one day be able to visit an aquarium and see giant squid."

The State of Ruby VMs — Ruby Renaissance 89

igrigorik writes "In the short span of just a couple of years, the Ruby VM space has evolved to more than just a handful of choices: MRI, JRuby, IronRuby, MacRuby, Rubinius, MagLev, REE and BlueRuby. Four of these VMs will hit 1.0 status in the upcoming year and will open up entirely new possibilities for the language — Mac apps via MacRuby, Ruby in the browser via Silverlight, object persistence via Smalltalk VM, and so forth. This article takes a detailed look at the past year, the progress of each project, and where the community is heading. It's an exciting time to be a Rubyist."

Modern Warfare 2 Not Recalled In Russia After All 94

thief21 writes "After claims that console versions Modern Warfare 2 had been recalled in Russia due to complaints from politicians and the gaming public over the infamous airport slaughter scene, it turns out the stories were completely untrue. Activision never released a console version of the game in Russia." Instead, they simply edited the notorious scene out of the PC version. They did this of their own volition, since Russia doesn't have a formal ratings committee.

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