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Comment The unlikely, but fair response (Score 1) 442

"The entire world charges US Government with espionage". Is time to UN and world organizations to show that have pants and stop being US government/corporations puppets. Or just everyone stop pretending, nothing of this have anything to do with justice, is just a wrong sign put on top of things that had nothing to do with that word.

Comment Re:PHP 6.0 without the stupid? (Score 1) 219

The problem is the "small" amount of legacy code. Even with the big amount of deprecated features, a lot of unconsistent (to be generous) things is still there. And if there is not a smooth transition, will be hard that a mass migration happens. Even if the goal is to get a good, consistent language, with good object orientation for version 6, think how much time is taking for Perl 6.

Comment Re:touch o' hyperbole (Score 2) 311

Is a big point anyway. Indepent auditing. That someone, somewhere, could say that the binary that my distribution gave me had a backdoor instead of the code they published (i.e. because forced by law to do and not disclose it), and that i even could check or rebuild it. With closed source you don't have that freedom, is even against the law to try to find that. And in current US pushed cyberwar state of things (they are trying this kind of things already), to have the possibility of independent auditing of the code you are running is what makes a difference against non open source software.

Is not that i actively will recompile all the software I use, but that if something wrong is happening, i will have the opportunity to know.

Comment Re:Given the UN's track record in Africa... (Score 1) 240

Treating nations and organizations as a whole is unfair, like bombarding an entire city because an isolated terrorist is hidden in a particular building. But when those small components in big organizations or countries does massive damage, you blame the whole deal. If that is wrong, then you had been very deep in the wrong side for decades.

Comment Re:Given the UN's track record in Africa... (Score 4, Insightful) 240

Why not starting at home? Someone had no tolerance for their beliefs, their way of life and their resources, and are invading them, with armies, global economy or/and factories. They just fight back the best they know, after the damage was done. But at home you have your big quota of religious extremists and people in power that see foreigners as tools with no rights, that even push their own governors on them to get easier to become even richer.

Comment Sysadmin ultimate goal (Score 1) 572

The sytem must keep working, at all cost. If what you are doing could affect that goal, probably will take it as something bad.

As sysadmin I resent when i got ordered to do something that will hurt the systems i administer in a "wrong" way (specially if there is a right, but dismissed without knowledge, way, to do the same with no or minimal impact), is not about the power that you have as sysadmin, but the responsibility.

Comment Re:Not related at all (Score 1) 572

Ok, you are right. There are laws, and they must be followed at all cost. Now, pick your state here, select from the list the one you broke up today, and go to jail by yourself now. I.e. if you live in new york, and if you wore slippers after 10pm, then you broke the law. See? Is easy to break dumb, malicious, tricky or just unfair laws in your everyday life, realizing it or not. Slavery or english monarchy in US was law, where the ones fighting against them traitors?

Comment Re:Waste of time (Score 1) 467

I'm mostly ok with the watermarking of the ebook if there is no DRM involved, as it don't limit how/when/where i will use what i bought. But using the watermark to label criminal to someone (and WILL be used that way, knowing the trend even could put you in jail for decades) is dangerous, suddently not having perfect security or privacy becomes a liability, a stolen phone or tablet, a rooted/botnetted/shared pc, not understanding privacy on social networks or just rogue NSA agents could turn into a nightmare ever buying an ebook.

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