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Comment Re:Waste of time (Score 1) 467

I'm mostly ok with the watermarking of the ebook if there is no DRM involved, as it don't limit how/when/where i will use what i bought. But using the watermark to label criminal to someone (and WILL be used that way, knowing the trend even could put you in jail for decades) is dangerous, suddently not having perfect security or privacy becomes a liability, a stolen phone or tablet, a rooted/botnetted/shared pc, not understanding privacy on social networks or just rogue NSA agents could turn into a nightmare ever buying an ebook.

Comment Silver lining (Score 3, Interesting) 117

If they can process plastics into something edible (work as CHON food sintetizers) or that can be metabolized by the ocean ecosystem could be a way to get rid of the Great Pacific garbage patch should be something pretty good.

In the other hand, if those start to pour into our plastic and oil dependant civilization could be pretty damaging.

Comment Another way to see those numbers (Score 1) 419

Suppose that they put 10000 random persons in jail or directly killed, but 20 of them resulted to be killers. That would justify what they did?

They are stripping privacy everyone, not just people from US. And they probably will have false positives, or scapegoats, or just push an agenda using the information they gathered to extort/force someone to act in their interests. And as Snowden proved, even in the improbable case that they as institution had a justice as goal, the individuals working there could had used the information at their reach for their own goals (and the odds of misusing it increases as you get up in the organization)

Comment The biggest damage (Score 4, Insightful) 337

they are turning private life into something illegal. And like drugs, or in the past alcohol, its turning the environment where you can have privacy into fertile ground for crime. So you have a catch-22, or don't have privacy and be caught by sneezing in public or equivalent things, or think that have, but while doing so being in the neighbourhood of real criminals, so you become a prey for both groups.

Comment Re:Oddly specific denial (Score 1) 176

As i said, the government said that weren't them.... probably. But could had been, after all, reporters or press in general are the ones that receive leaks to announce them.

But odds are high that is just another windows intrusion as there are many, i.e. running a trojan or any new worm, or be a new version of something on the lines of Red October that could take years on be detected.

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