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Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 128

Well, to be honest, you don't. You could just buy one of the many models available at retail. And then your Chromecast could stream your home movies directly from your local media library in FullHD, you could watch all your media on any device that supports the codec even if it can't browse the network and local files, like an iThing. But if you don't have one of those NASflingers, any PC (or any number of PCs of any capacity) can be set up to do the same thing at no additional cost to you.

And then this thing would have the feature you seem to desire - with no additional outlay of cash. Considering the net benefit that is quite remarkable.

Comment Local media does stream (Score 5, Informative) 128

From Wired's Dongle Style review:

Yes, you can play local video. At least some of it. A not-strictly-speaking legitimate copy of Black Mirror in MKV file format played magnificently on our television when we dropped it in a Chrome browser window.

Likewise, if you’re running it in a browser, Amazon Instant video, Hulu, Rdio, and HBO Go all just work. As did video from Wired, Gawker media, and Flickr slideshows. We ran photos from Facebook fullscreen. We watched a live Flash stream of a Braves game on an extremely shady bootleg site that spawned approximately a gazillion Chrome windows in the background.

Good luck getting one though.

Comment I just don't get it (Score 1) 158

Why would you WANT your browser to determine what you like? I KNOW what I like. If I want my browser or a website to know what I like, I will TELL THEM.

Why not record your dreams and have them send to everyone you know by default. No thanks, if I want you to know my dreams, I will TELL YOUR. And then ONLY the parts I want YOU in particular to know and not every fucking website.

Really, you are like saying how much easier it would be for a rape victim to have the rape happen at a time of their choosing then to have the rapist determine when they will be raped. How about not raping me to begin with?

I do not WANT Google or facebook to track me. Me doing the tracking for them instead does NOT fix this.

Comment It does make sense? (Score 1) 158

This ONLY makes sense if you think the way to stop rapists is for all women to freely have sex all the time with would be rapists.

For sane people, this makes no sense. If I do NOT want to be tracked, I do NOT want my browser to do it for me.

And if I wanted to feed my interests to websites, ALL that would be needed is a simple form which is used to fill an OPTIONAL header with whatever I wanted to add.

There is NO NEED to analyze my browsing behavior to get my interests UNLESS you are trying to get around the fact that I do NOT want to tell my interests. Here is my fucking interest, NO FUCKING ADS, how about that? That enough interest for you?

The problem is that it is TRIVIAL to allow uses to configure their own interests on a site. Google does it with news. The PROBLEM is that website owners and advertisers don't WANT to serve you with your interests, they want to sell you stuff that pays them well. So you might say you interest is in foreign news, and they service you travel ads. Did you say you had an interest in travel ads? No but that is what they want to sell, so that is what they will push.

The best example is modern television. I check the tv guide, I see the time the program I want to watch airs, what do they serve me with 5 minutes in? Ads for other shows that I could easily find in the TV guide but that I clearly don't want to see because I am right now obviously trying to watch the goddamn program they interrupted to show me stuff I don't want to see.

Note the above is NOT about commercials for products that pay for TV, it is ads for other programs or in the case of Discovery and the like, ads for the program I am watching right NOW!

That is how interested content providers are in what I want to see.

Youtube is another classic example, doesn't matter how long I been watching, logged in or not, the home screen contains NOTHING I want to watch or have ever watched. I might be dutch but since I NEVER watch Dutch TV stuff (if you want to know how retarded Dutch tv is, we gave the world big brother) why does it keep showing me stuff when I never ever watch it? Because they don't want to serve my interests, they want to sell me something.

You know what one my recent greatest discoveries has been? Home delivery from the supermarket. I go online, keep my grocery list and have it delivered once a week. My health has shot up as I only buy want I need when I take inventory of my cupboards and fridge (yes I have become my mother) and order just what is needed and what I want. No price upgrading, no special deals to tasty to pass that you grab out of habit but don't really like all that much. Helps a lot that I do this AFTER I had dinner. I get what I want and the supermarket serves me with what I am interested in AND they make LESS money of me... OOPS (well the delivery costs and the money I save from candy goes to more fresh stuff but since that stuff is less advertised presumably they are less interested in pushing it).

I might bother to tell a content provider what I want, if they actually then gave me what I want. Right now it is about as wise as telling a woman what you REALLY think about the size of her ass when she tells you she really wants to hear your opinion. Install an adblocker (slashdot account) and go single and tracking free and you will live a far happier life. Just ask everyone here.

Comment Thank god for cloud hosting (Score 1) 200

Just the services you need, no sysadmin telling you to use obsolete software versions or complaining that it is hard to upgrade storage or insisting to partition a raid up into small chunks for a server whose database will need all the storage within months but they want to create busy work for themselves by having to change the partitioning every week.

I flatly refuse to do development anymore on any internal servers no matter how they are handled, it just ain't worth my time. When it comes time to deploy and a sysadmin insists on getting his un-educated paws on it, I write an install script and then hand of ALL responsibility.

You want to be a respected sysadmin? ENABLE people and stop being the blocker.

Your typical sysadmin is like the cantine cook who refuses to let people make a meal after hours if they are working overtime. No doubt they are thinking they are just enforcing the rules but they are a hindrance in a company where people want to achieve things.

A good sysadmin enables what is needed in a safe and sensible way. A bad sysadmin just blocks everything to be safe.

A classic example is file exchange. Business often needs to exchange large files. A BAD sysadmin (99%) will limit email boxes to 1mb or less and ban 99% if attachments and offer NO other options. Then people hack around the sysadmin to enable them to do business and from that grows a culture to do all sort of stuffs because the boss no longer believes the sysadmin because he had to go around him himself to many times.

A GOOD sysadmin enables file transfer is a safe responsible way and is then respected and will find other sensible rules obeyed because his co-workers know they are not there to inflate the sysadmins ego but because they make good business sense.

I have had it so bad that I had to admin remote linux servers over gprs because port 22 was blocked outgoing because the sysadmin insisted all servers were internal and runnings windows. Luckily it was a telco so it didn't cost anything but it was a bit silly. Especially when EVERYONE started using developer sims to hook up their own modems to get around all the restrictions. Office of over 500 people an at least a 100 were using GPRS.

Good sysadmins enable, bad sysadmins disable.

Bad sysadmins get replaced with cloud computing and then bitch about immigrants.

Comment Oh god... and HERE is the disconnect people (Score 1) 230

The MS Phone fanboy is an amazing critter, he can come up with a new excuse at the drop of hat.

  • The NEXT version will fix everything
  • Nobody copy pastes anyway
  • The NEXT phone with stats of last generation phones of the competition will BLOW the competition away, when it launches in a years time
  • Once the phones start to sell, the apps will come
    • And now the king of the crazies. People will stop wanting apps and entertainment on their phones any day now so then Windows Phone will sell because their old smartphone more then capable of NOT being used for apps and entertainment and just making calls will need to be replaced...


      If people get tired of their smartphone... why would they buy another one? Oh I get it, they are tired of having a choice of apps to install and instead want a store that has a more limited selection... yeah... that happens. I do it all the time, I am at my local supermarket and think "screw this choice, I am off to the little convenience store at the train station".

      Fanboys in general tend to be a bit blind but MS Phone fanboys like the parent are insane. And for that matter childish. Basically a guy with the nick "DogDude" posting on a geek/nerd site is complaing about people not being grownup and/or being to nerdy/geeky.

      It reminds me a bit of the Windows fanboys complaining Slashdot is to Linux friendly. Well piss of then to your own website... oh wait, there isn't one that is any fun. DogDude must hate this place filled with people who laugh at his phone but he has nowhere else to go because his mom won't take him across state to the other guy who bought a MS phone.

      Sucks to be you DogDuge but don't worry, one day you will have bought the hip phone that makes you the envy of all... well not really but keep the dream alive, you and Ballmer and Elop, the true believers!

Comment Yeah reminds me of the small businessman cartoon (Score 5, Informative) 230

Come on Nokia, are you that dumb (oh wait, you are) that you are actually telling Microsoft that if they don't hurry, you are going to go bust and they can buy what they want of you for loose chance?

The Windows Phone platform turns a lot of otherwise not so smart people into blittering idiots. Take this gem:

You can't compare Windows Phone sales to Android and iOS because it has only been on the market a fraction of the time.

The truth? Windows Phones is now the OLDEST smartphone OS now Symbian has gone the way of the Dodo. MS has been trying for WELL OVER a DECADE. Yes, they keep renaming it in an attempt to wash away the stench of defeat... actually defeat is not the right word, the would imply they stood chance, I can claim I was defeated in the 1 mile race but it sorta looses any meaning if I never made it across the starting line.

Nokia bet its future on an OS from a company that hasn't managed to sell for over ten years. Why would it chance NOW when there are to OSes selling like hotcakes and a bunch of upstarts and re-entries fighting for the scraps. It like betting on the boxer who knocked himself trying to get into the ring in the next round because the next fight is on top of mount everest and everyone is bringing guns so his losing streak is... is there ANYONE who can walk upright who thinks MS was a good bet for Nokia?

Symbian was not dead yet, the N900 and N9 sold faster then Nokia was willing to sell them and Android is available if they wanted it. They HAD OS'es with proven track records. They went for the OS that didn't sell and has never sold. That is beyond risk taking, that is even beyond putting it all on one horse, that is insane. Personally I think Elop is even more a Trojan then most people realize. MS never bet on Nokia, they wanted to ruin them while they experimented and then hope to buy the assests cheaply and make their own phones.

You can't mis-manage a company like this by accident.


Researchers Implant False Memories In Mice 102

sciencehabit writes "Call it 'Total Recall' for mice. A group of neuroscientists say that they've identified a potential mechanism of false memory creation and have planted such a memory in the brain of a mouse. With this knowledge, neuroscientists can start to figure out how many neurons it takes to give us the perception of what's around us and what goes on in our neural wiring when we remember—or misremember—the past."

Comment Still banging that fragmentation drum (Score 4, Insightful) 223

6 years on and obviously not Winning, but you're going to keep banging that drum, aren't you? Couldn't stop Android from getting top dog with this story, but still trying to find some fool to influence with it. Why don't we talk about Windows fragmentation, and all of the devices and apps left behind each version, how even Microsoft doesn't even support their own older OS with their apps and so fragments their own installed base? Or maybe Windows Phone, where 7.x apps don't even run on 8.x?

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