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Comment Re:License? (Score 4, Informative) 75

Open source has another meaning in the intelligence community. Open source refers to unclassified information, such as the internet, newspapers, and other media. It's used as opposed to signals intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), etc. Often referred to as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

(IAA Intelligence Analyst)

Comment Teardown comparison of fake, real Apple chargers (Score 2) 457

Pardon me for interrupting the usual /. dialogue with something relevant to the original topic, but Ken Shirriff did a couple of teardowns a year ago that point out exactly why the counterfeit chargers are Not Safe. The safety issues revolve around poor isolation practices between the line and USB sides of some USB chargers.

Major items include
1) lack of "double insulated" construction in the internal transformer.
2) parts placement of line and USB side components on a single circuit board such that paths may be readily formed between line and USB sides from moisture, construction errors, or component failure.
3) inadequate margins between line side and USB side in overall layout of the charger internal components.

Comment Specific Denial (Score 1) 218

“At CHP we definitely do not have drones. We use radar, lidar, pace, we have planes and we have helicopters, but we do not have drones,” he said. “Along with not having drones we definitely do not have any drones that would fire any type of weaponry.”

"And along with not having any such drones, we definitely have never used them; particularly not on seventeen occasions to date."

Comment No, no NO! This is the TRUTH (Score 1) 99

This is MS final policy on DRM and everything else, until the NEXT time they change their mind...

It is one of MS biggest failings, they change their mind at the drop of a hat/stock price and have turned burning bridges into an art.

You only got to follow PC gaming and MS attitude towards it to see that MS has the attention pan of a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs being thrown around by Ballmer.

Policy update to follow in: 3... 2... 1...

Comment Re:ChromeCast (Score 1) 244

The Roku is not a tablet. It's a streaming set top box. To set up Chromecast and control it you can use an Android device, iOS device, a Mac, a Chromebook, or a PC. If you don't have one of those you are really not likely to be the sort of person who would be interested in this kind of thing. You would also be fairly rare - in the US anyway. I have a variety of these Android Stick PCs and the Roku and the controls are pretty bad on them. I have long wanted just to use my phone or tablets and now I can. Nice. That my kids can use their cheapo Chinese Android tabs as a controller is awesome - you can get those for $50, which is not much more than the cost of a universal remote control.

Maybe they can get streaming gaming going on the thing, using the surface of my Android devices for inputs and secondary display and the bigscreen for audio and main content. That would totally rock. Or stream the display for Google Docs to the TV but use my other device for inputs. I wonder if it can tether to my phone's wifi and share LTE... That would be cool for conference rooms and hotel rooms. But that is later on. You wouldn't expect them to launch that on the first day.

Comment Re:ChromeCast (Score 1) 244

If you have the 4-stream plan that's 3x$11.99 = $35.97. It's yours for less than the cost of shipping.

Yes, bluray player and Smart TV interfaces and apps leave much to be desired. There just isn't a lot of money for processor hardware in a Bluray player and smartTVs could afford to put a decent processor in there but for some reason they don't.

Submission + - Google Chromecast streams internet media to your TV

An anonymous reader writes: If you've heard of Apple Airplay or the Roku Streaming Stick then you should know Google has entered the arena to do battle with the big boys.

For only $35 dollars you can turn your ordinary TV into an smart TV that streams music and video from the internet. Just plug the USB sized device in the HDMI port and it connects to your Wi-Fi network.

The best part is that you get to use your laptop, smartphone and tablet as the remote so there's no new App to download — it just integrates as simple a small Chrome extension.

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