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Comment Re:Surprising number of Verge comments anti-tech (Score 1) 845

You can't take any dog with you into a restaurant; only guide dogs are allowed. GG could be a similar assistive technology, allowed only to those who are officially disabled, carry the permit, and so on.

However it is not very likely that GG would be a good fit as a medical device. It does not have much of video processing power to be useful to people with, say, vision problems.

But is has enough processing power to provide assistance to Aspies - see . I'm looking forward to being able to purchase GG, and use an app such as that. I suppose I'd need to carry a letter from a therapist.

Comment Re:Tax rate too low? (Score 1) 179

Sales/consumption taxes are regressive; the poor slob behind the grill at McDonald's lives paycheck to paycheck while the CEO spends only a small portion of what he "earns".

That's why the FairTax has a prebate, in the amout of tax which would be paid up to the poverty level. This means that the "poor slob" might receive more in the prebate than actually paid in FairTax (expecially if s/he purchases used goods, which would be exempt from the FairTax), and the CEO would pay nearly the full net amout of FairTax on his spending.

Worse still is property tax; you're getting taxed over and over.

It's rent you're paying to the government. :(

And since the rich get far more benefit from government than the poor, they should be paying a higher percentage of their income.

Agreed, but by taxing income, you allow taxation to be avoided by deferring income, having income received outside the country, etc. Tax consumption, and you reduce opportunity to avoid the tax.

Comment Re:Assumptions (Score 1) 776

Also, how many "new build" nuclear plants are actually already partially built, but had construction halted? My father recently worked on a couple which are being completed now, after being placed on hold by the TVA in 1988. One problem, though, is that the engineers who understand how the 1970s-era plants were designed are retiring, and newly-graduated engineers have trouble adjusting to the older designs. The plans need to be completed while the old and new engineers can work together to meld newer technology into the older designs.

Comment Re:fud (Score 1) 499

They don't want to send you ads for stupid or irrelevant stuff, because that's worse than a waste of bandwidth - it may drive you to seek out an ad blocker.

I was driven to use ad blockers, in part, because of "relevant" ads. I don't want ads "relevant" to me, I want them to be relevant to the web site I visit. Only if I choose to tell the web site that I do or do not want a category of ad do I want the ads to be tuned to me.

Comment Re:This week isn't good? (Score 1) 170

What I find most interesting is the volume - over 1.8 million shares changed hands today, landing SCOX at $1.22. That's over 8% of SCOX's 21 million shares outstanding, and almost 13% of SCOX's 14 million share float. While I'm not a financial guru, I suspect that those are percentages which are highly exceptional.

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