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Comment i stand by my conclusion (Score 1) 75

the plaintiff in this case appears to be going after "damages" - as if his right to make similar "jealous" profit from his work had been contravened.

however, under GPL - by my reading - the plaintiff has no right to claim "damages" in the "shekels" sense at all.

therefore i claim he makes a mockery of the whole point of the GPL.

he should be suing to have the V3 source released to the public, not to be released to him in order that that he can pursue his claim for a share in the "profits".

Comment total contradiction in terms (Score 0) 75

the GPL is about ANTI copyright.

now here is a man demanding money because he claims his GPL has been stolen.


if he were demanding that the owner (now google) PUBLISH the new version under GPL then it would be different.

if all he wants is money then i hope the sharks eat him, and they probably will, and good riddance.

this matter is a tawdry waste of the whole GPL ethic, in my opinion.

please forgive my SHOUTING, i am upset by this.

Comment new poster here (Score 1) 134

thank you and the horse you rode in on for the most useful news i've had here in a while.

gnome is driving me nuttier than i thought i could get at the moment, but am sticking with it, is better than nothing.

which about sums up the alternatives, when they're not trying to be everything.

-- dear linus, who is git, and to what is he objecting? --

Submission + - Mathematicians are chronically lost and confused (svbtle.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Mathematics Ph.D. student Jeremy Kun has an interesting post about how mathematicians approach doing new work and pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge. He says it's immensely important for mathematicians to be comfortable with extended periods of ignorance when working on a new topic. 'The truth is that mathematicians are chronically lost and confused. It’s our natural state of being, and I mean that in a good way. ...Speaking with experienced mathematicians, and reading books written by them, almost always feels like the following sketch about math class as imagined by kids.' He then provides some advice for people learning college level math like calculus or linear algebra: 'I suggest you don’t worry too much about verifying every claim and doing every exercise. If it takes you more than 5 or 10 minutes to verify a “trivial” claim in the text, then you can accept it and move on. ... But more often than not you’ll find that by the time you revisit a problem you've literally grown so much (mathematically) that it's trivial. What’s much more useful is recording what the deep insights are, and storing them for recollection later.'

Comment from my understanding of the case (Score 2) 112

used to know the leader of this project quite well, personally, and i can assure you the company in question did everything in it's power to deliver an honest specification and work. the problem was the australian government - it's damned near impossible to hit a specification moving at the speed of australian politics at the time.

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